ChokLit Exclusive: Still on my Teedra Moses ish…

Ms Moses

Ms Moses

Now don’t say I never did nothin for ya!

As I was gushing about Ms Moses in the previous post, I decided to do a little more digging on her – since I assume some of my readers would appreciate that 🙂 I found out that not only does Teedra have a new Mixtape out, Lionhearted vol.3, she also has a bangin single out as well via her Myspace page, called Put it in the Wind. This new track is KILLIN ’em right now! This is not your everyday fly-by-night pop trash that is put out every other day (No disrespect ladies..) this is some thoughtful, entertaining, Real-Life music. I’m loving the new single – she needs to be scooped up by a major label like, yesterday!