Melt in Your Ears: *New Video* The Dream feat. T.I – Make Up Bag + LoveKing trackListing

Earlier this week, TheDream dropped his video for his second official single, MakeUp Bag featuring Rapper T.I. Def Jam decided to go with Make Up Bag instead of F.I.L.A also featuring T.I that we featured not too long ago. I am still on the fence about this song and video that features T.I, and actor Jason Weaver and model Selita Ebanks. Little X directed the video which tries to add some class and a storyline to the song. Upon the first few listens, I cannot see what the Label sees in this record. The lyrics sound clunky with the beat and although T.I’s rhymes fit the song well, I’m not seeing the big ‘Single’ potential. But this could be similar to Dream’s I Love Your Girl record, which I did not like at first, but grew on me immensely. You be the judge!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Dream recently announced that this will definitely be his last album and he will no longer be making music as a solo artist. This is something we have heard before. I think Dream is getting a lot of negativity this time around and it’s getting to him. I must say, I haven’t heard much from this project that has blown me away, but I know I expect a lot more from the album itself. Below is the official tracklist for LoveKing.



Oldie Butta Goodie Bar: Thug&B Edition – Mobb Deep & 112


The year is 2001. The simultaneous height of Hip Hop and R&B. The genres are reaching Mainstream-like heights, and big money is being spent on big videos for artists like P.Diddy (then, still known as such), Usher, and Busta Rhymes. Bad Boy records was enjoying some dizzying success – they still housed some of the best producers in the game (Mario Winans, Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelettie  and Stevie J), and they are grooming artists like 112, Shyne, Loon & of course, P.Diddy.  This would be the year 112 would realease their best album (in my opinion) to date, Part III.  This near flawless album was introduced to the world with through this great song, It’s Over Now. Before free downloads really began to take over, I hadn’t had as much access to my music as I wanted, and I wanted this song SO badly.  Set to the infamous Mobb Deep instrumental for their hit song, Quiet Storm, Its Over Now is brooding, climatic and impossibly lovable.  Chris Robinson took the helms of this video, trying to duplicate the dramatic feel of the song with a visual. He does a decent job. the video is slick and tells a story. The members of 112 are clad in baggy, shiny pleather outfits and look like 4 versions of Diddy, poppin’ and lockin’ in front of the bright TV lights. Slim steals the show as usual with his raspy high-pitched vocals and his soulful expressions. Back then, I couldn’t get enough of this video! Check it out!


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Before They Blow-PoP!: Introducing TRISH Pt. I


We have a treat for our ChokLit Community! A new Toronto-based artist named Trish is about to make some serious moves in the Industry, and we got the Exclusive on her here in the Choklit Factory! I spotted Trish performing at a show here in Toronto. She was on the stage with two of her male dancers, and sang a couple of her songs. The crowd was the typical picky T.O crowd, but Trish was rockin’ her set out and got the crowd very interested myself included. So I was able to score an interview with the up-and-coming Stunning Singer. Peep Trish’s Little X-directed video for her single, Don’t Watch Me, and some of her music after the jump!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Trish feat. J.Diggz – Don’t Watch Me Directed by Lil X


Before They Blow-PoP!: Introducing TRISH Pt. II

I had the pleasure of interviewing Trish the other day and it went very well! She is sweet, ambitious, cute and alot of fun! Trish has a warm spirit and it illuminates onstage when she preforms. Read the interview to know more about Trish, then go back to Part I if you missed it, to hear more about her music!

And Don’t forget to show some love to Trish’s Myspace!


Some Choklit Tidbits:

Age: early 20s

Horoscope Sign: Aquarius

Ethnicity/Background: Guyanese & Jamaican

Label: Currently signed to Life-Line Group, shopping to Labels.

#1 Music Industry Peeve: Image over talent; putting an Age on music & the artists

Who’s Dat Gurl??

ChokLit Factory: Trish we want to get it out in the open: How would you describe your Sound & your Music?

Trish: It consists of many elements: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B Funk, Rock & Roll. As long as the beat is hot, really, and I can rock with it – that’s something I want to deliver to people, y’know?  I just want people to have fun.

CF: So you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself?

Trish: No, I want to be able to expand, to try different things. If I am able to come out and present myself in a way to the public on the one form, that’s fantastic, especially if they accept me.

CF: You grew up here in Toronto (please correct me if I am wrong!), how would you describe your experience growing up in this city?

T: Yes I grew up in Toronto. [The experience] was cool. We lived in various areas of the city. You know, Toronto is a multicultural city and I’ve been fortunate to taste the different flavours of Toronto. For instance, the past 15 years I’ve been living in this community where I’ve been subjected to rap music & Reggaeton, and prior to that I was living in a community where it was Indian music. And now, when I go visit my family, our Culture’s there; there is Reggae music happening. So, I mean, growing up in Toronto has really shaped me as an artist, as a human being, really.


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