ChokLit Fresh – *New Video* Diddy, Dirty Money, Rick Ross & T.I in the Morning…

Diddy goes hard once again. If you follow Diddy on Twitter, you will notice the barrage of promotions and braggadocio he releases for every project he is working on. This works well for Kaleena and Dawn, his co-stars in the Dirty Money movie. I’ve been hearing about Hello, Good Morning for a looonnggg time, but it kept slipping my mind to post on it. I can’t deny the video for the Remix, directed by Hype Williams. Adding T.I and Rick Ross to the mix (each delivering some sick flows) only adds to the appeal of this song. Diddy is definitely doing something different here as he pairs pulsing club beats with street credible (I use this term loosely) Rapper flows. Hello, Good Morning may make your favourite neighborhood thug or trapstar wanna nod his head a little harder.

Just when I started to question what Hype was doing with the simplistic visuals, he kicks it up a notch or two near the end of the video for a grand finale that makes you want to believe in Bad Boy once again! Diddy and crew shut down 106 & Park down today to premiere the video (twice) and the kids were feelin it…

Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris will finally hit stores June 29th!



Sweet Tooth: Dirty Money – Angels Video

diddydawndirtyDiddy has been video-blogging, twittering and just plain running his mouth about his new group Dirty Money which features Dawn Richards, formerly of Danity Kane and newcomer Kaleena Harper who is a talented singer/songwriter. After months of hyping the group up, Diddy has released a video for Dirty Money’s song Angels, which is beautifully directed by Hype Williams. The video, shot in black and white, follows Diddy as he walks solemnly through the streets of New York wearing an ominous leather hoodie. Diddy is getting his Kayne on, as he sings with Autotune and evokes some emotion with his voice. The song is ok, nothing too special, with Notorious B.I.G opening the song. This video was just released today and is getting a lot of love. I am excited to see what else Dirty Money has in store. Dirty Money will appear on Diddy’s fifth solo album entitled, Last Train to Paris. The album will reveal a ‘electro-hip-hop-soul-funk’ sound.

If you are interested, check out this mixtape Diddy released a couple weeks back with DJ Felix Da Housecat. I bump this when I want to bug out a bit. Download the full mixtape here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.