Chew On This!: Estelle Causes Controversy with FREAK video

British songstress Estelle has returned after the success of her American debut, her last album, Shine. Estelle is gearing up to release her newest effort, All of Me, with this song Freak, being the lead single. Estelle appears to be taking a page out of Lady Gaga’s dance-hop style of music, but to be fair, Estelle probably has a closer ear to the ground of dance music being from the UK.  The song is pretty hype and is a good look for Estelle who could use some love up in the clubs. Toronto Native and friend of Estelle’s, Kardinal Offishall also raps on the track.

The biggest story I noticed with this video is the portrayal of Estelle in black face and bright pink lips, which created an uproar on the Blogs, many citing the racial insensitivity due to the previous portrayal of black people in the American media as black faced, pink-lipped, nappy-haired fools many decades ago.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

There was a video floating around showing the making of the video where Estelle had the black face paint on with bright red lipstick, but that video is missing and her lipstick is now pink….