Butta of the Week! Mary J. Blige – I Am

I saw Mary perform this song at tonight’s AMAs and I thought to myself, how did we miss this at the ChokLit Factory? I am really loving this song. In the song, Mary sings about nobody being able to love her current Lover better than she can. Sometimes in a relationship, one person can be caught thinking they can get better elsewhere and often fall victim to the 80/20 rule, thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes that is the case, but most times it’s not. Sometimes we can take what we have for advantage until we have lost it. But once you lost it, its gone!

Mary wrote this song alongside talented songwriter Johnta Austin (who also co-wrote Mary’s other hit song, Be Without You) and produced by Stargate. This song will be released as Mary’s third single from her forthcoming album Stronger with each Tear.  So far, the album sounds like it will be a solid one; we can’t wait!

You can download I Am, starting tomorrow on iTunes!

Mary J.Blige – I Am

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Black Licorice: Bow Wow & JD…R.E.S.P.E.C.T tha hustle!

Gracin Source Mag

Gracin Source Mag

OK so…first things…I know this is NOT a Hip-Hop blog! lol Don’t need the reminding, thanks! And anything posted under the category Black Licorice is suited for things you may not be feeling, but I kinda dig it. Not to say you won’t like this song – you probably will! You just may not like who’s behind it, lilBow Wow and ’em. But, we do have some Johnta Austin in it so…take the good with the bad.

Ever since Bow hooked up again with the man JD, they are making some MAGIC together. I don’t know, maybe I am reminiscing for the late 90s again, but I am feelin the music they been puttin out recently. And yes, these JD beats are so repetitive, but I DARE you not to bob your head!

The beat is cute, especially since it is giving me the vibe from TLC’s Baby, baby, baby(love that!). And Johnta sounds nice in his likkle bridge. So, yes, the formula is mad tired, but it still sounds good. Plus, Bow Wow been doin the Grown & Sexy Usher look in this video (we see u Bow) lookin fine too.


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