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After a very tumultuous and challenging year in her personal life, Rihanna has returned to her music with the release of her fourth album, Rated R. As you must know by now, Miss Sunshine has definitely left the building and the good girl has officially gone bad. Lucky for Rihanna and her fans, the music she is producing during this transformation is actually quite good!

Rated R is a dark album with a sinister but triumphant feel to it. Wait is Ova is a coyly written song full of  warning shots to potential performers laying in wait, vying for Rihanna’s current spot. Hard featuring Young Jeezy, has Rihanna demanding respect while she reminds us how gangstalicious she is. Who told you Barbados was all palm trees and beaches?

The album has its share of bravado, but some songs also find Rihanna very somber and open. In Stupid Love, she realizes her error in trying to hold onto something that was not working:

Trying to make this work
But you act like a jerk

Silly of me

To keep holding on
But the dunce cap is off…”

Clearly she is referencing her recent failed relationship and the results are that her fans are able to see Rihanna as a person. Russian Roulette, despite its controversial subject matter, remains one of the strongest songs on the album. Its brooding and eeire tone was the best way to prepare us for Rated R.

Rihanna – G4L

Rihanna – Rude Boy

Rihanna – Photographs



Melt In Your Ears: Rihanna vs. James Fauntleroy – Te Amo

My pals over at PlainGold love James Faultleroy. But who is he to you?

Fauntleroy is a singer/songwriter who used to work with The Underdogs (Tyrese, Olivia). He now works with a production team called, The Y’s. He is well-known for writing Jordin Spark’s No Air, Chris Brown’s Superhuman, and co-writing Ciara’s Love, Sex,Magic. Most of his songs tend to be up-tempo ballads. He is currently very popular with European acts and Pop artists who want a little bit of an Urban edge. Here is a new song Fauntleroy wrote for the Princess herself, Ms Rihanna. The song is a really nice song; it is sweet and seductive with a flamenco flavor. Rihanna does a good job vocally and adds flair to the track with her infamous Bajan accent. She is singing about a woman in this song, which is an interesting twist. Fauntleroy usually sings his songs as demos first, as a guide for the Artist. I like both versions, but we know Rihanna will make it a hit. This is definitely a good look for her.

James Fauntleroy – Te Amo

Rihanna – Te Amo

Which do you like better?

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