Sweet Tooth: *New Video* Alicia Keys – Unthinkable

I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us so crazy
Or would it be so beautiful either way I’m saying
If you ask me I’m ready…

Alicia Keys finally makes good use of her immaculate album, Element of Freedom, with the video for Unthinkable. Directed by Jake Nava, it follows the story of a couple doomed to love and the courage it takes to overcome the fear and/or stigma. The story floats between different time eras seamlessly, adding to the allure of the video. Chad Michael Murray from CW’s One Tree Hill (I know my girl BSB is a fan!) plays Alicia’s love interest.

Ok, I LOVE the video! Alicia looks classic and sexy and the storyline really tugs at the heartstrings. The scene in the convenience store is the cutest! Soooo my ethnic ladies, does this video entice you to try and date outside your race, finally? Or is it just a cute video?



Butta of the Week!: Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart


A few weeks back we premiered Alicia’s first single, Doesn’t Mean Anything from her new album, The Element of Freedom (great title!) arriving December 1st. The song had yet to grow on me, or on the charts in general so Alicia’s second single has been prepared in a hurry. Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart is a great song! It has a totally different sound for Alicia, with eerie keyboards that give it a cheesy 80s sound – but in a good way. Alicia’s voice is timidly quiet as she sings, “I’m gonna find a way to make it, without you…I’m gonna hold onto the times that we had” The lyrics are especially poignant as she sings about being strong enough to get through the lonely, sleepless nights without her lover no longer being in her life. The song is produced by 808 & Heartbreak collaborator Jeff Bhasker and Alicia.

Of course, all over the Internet, Alicia is catching flack left and right for her personal issues involving her relationship with producer/artist Swizz Beatz who was once (still is!) married to singer Mashonda. Mashonda and Swizz have two children together and Alicia is being viewed as a home-wrecker for being involved with a married man. People are going as far to say they will not support Alicia nor purchase her music because of her love life. They are condemning this song as a slap in the face to Mashonda who is possibly going through the same situation Alicia is singing about.  Hmmmmm. Hard for me to say, I’m no fan of home-wreckers, but as my girl Cinnamon will say, “Life is complicated” so we never will know what had transpired between the three of them involved. That being said, at the end of the day, I like the song and the ChokLitFactory is about the music so I will continue to post on Alicia’s new project. Enjoy!

Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart