Butta Of the Week! Dirty Money’s ‘Love Come Down’ video


For some reason I was a bit reluctant to watch the video for Dirty Money’s newest single, Love Come Down, but I finally came around to it and I gotta say, I’m feelin this joint! Diddy and co reunite with director Hype Williams for a slick video that includes light vs. dark contrasts, a requisite dance troupe and spirited performances by all three group members. Kaleena really stood out in this clip for me; she is giving me Total circa 1998 in this video. A pure original Bad Boys vibe! Also her vocals on this track are perfect for the song – now I see why she was chosen for the group! Dawn surprisingly doesn’t do much for me appearance wise, though I am digging her vocals on this as well. Diddy plays his part as the dancing thug mogul and reminds us that grills Neva went outta style! Or something. this video makes me wanna get up and dance right quick – so Diddy has done his job! This song will be featured on Diddy’s newest effort Last Train to Paris. Note to aspiring artists trying to sign with Bad Boy: if you want your video/project/album to ever be released or to have a substantial budget, you must either join a group with Diddy or be sleeping with him. I kid, I kid!

*Sidenote: For a laugh, check out Diddy’s posin for us at 0:24 HA!

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Music News ROLO: We got the Nu Nu in R&B music, Catch Up!

Another treat for ya’ll, some more music! Nothing too groundbreaking, but pleasant enough…check it out!

First we have Monica’s Once in a Lifetime, released a week or so ago onto the ‘Nets. Monica released Still Standing last year, but it didn’t make too much of an impact on the charts. This track,produced by Brian Michael Cox doesn’t particularly grab me, and nothing about it sticks, but it is a nice song. Some people are comparing it to Mary J. Blige’s Be Without You. Maybe after a couple of listens…

Monica – Once in a Lifetime