Oldie Butta Goodie Bar: Faith Evans – I Love You


In 2001, R&B singer Faith Evans released her third album Faithfully on Bad Boy records. I Love You was released after the debut single, You Gets No Love. In the video, a newly 50 pounds lighter, Faith sings about her Love in  a revealing low-cut dress.  This is such a great song and in my humble opinion, it solidified Faith as a major voice in the R&B world. If you didn’t feel her before this song (that would be me) you were feelin’ her after this song.  Faith has a timeless voice; maybe she was born into the wrong generation. Too often Bad Boy would try to peg her as a Urban dance artist but I believe songs like this were her strong suit. And 2001 was one of the last great years in Urban music and videos.

My favourite line: “First time, I saw your face/ My heart just erased, all the guys I knew be-fore you walked into my life/ I was the type to never want for nothing” I’m such a sucka for love songs 😛

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Hot ChokLit: Cassie feat. Diddy – Must Be Love Video

Are we degenerating back to 'Puff Daddy'? Or is this a typo?

Are we degenerating back to 'Puff Daddy'? Or is this a typo?

Cassie has released her video for her next (first, second? who’s counting anymore) Single from her forthcoming album, Electro Love(I like the title!).  Must Be Love was directly by Bernard Gourley, who I haven’t seen do a low-budget R&B vid in ages (or ever, maybe, my memory is not that good). I watched this video with my claws out ready to pounce on Diddy if he appears to have spent wreckless amount of dollars on Jump-off’s Homegirl’s video. But soon, I retracted those claws. He definitely didn’t spend no real dough on this video. And rightly so! Diddy knows those MTB boys and [the former] Danity Kane are his Cash cows, so he needs to act as such.  This video is very simplistic, and is focusing on the sexual energy between young Cassie and grown-ass Diddy. The two Artists reside in hotter-than-hell rooms, caressing the wall between them, keeping their desires apart. Near the climax, pause, of the video, the room ignites on Fire, seemingly because the tension is too great.

Nowadays I am rarely impressed by a lot of these run-of the-ChokLit-Mill videos coming out. Cassie looks great..blah blah blah, I like her outfit blah blah blah. Lack of inspiration me thinks…what did you all think? Go ahead, gather your thoughts…I’m off to go watch Usher’s Trading Places… Whaddup Chris Robinson!

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*Side note: My apologies for the wack video link, WP is testin’ me yet again!

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