Sweet Tooth: Keke Wyatt – Who Knew

A few years after releasing her single Put Your Hands on Me (to which no album materialized), Keke Wyatt has returned with a new single, Who Knew and a new partnership with her new label, Shanachie Entertainment .  I’m happy to see Keke has moved on past her personal issues with her husband a few years back. Keke has an amazing voice – PERIOD. She had dueted in the past with Avant on two hit songs, My First Love and Nothing in this World.  My favourite vocal performance was Keke’s cover of If You Only Knew from her 2001 gold-certified album, Soul Sista. In 2004 Keke joined Cash Money Records and released Put your Hands on Me in 2005.

I like Who Knew, although it does not seem like something that will catch like fire.  But Keke has a fanbase in the R&B community so she will be shown some love. Keke is looking great nowadays! She has lost a lot of weight since her debut album and looks happy and healthy. What did you guys think of the video? The lead man was previously a lead in Beyonce’s Irreplaceable video.

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Oldie Butta GoodieBar: Avant – Separated


R&B singer Avant first came onto the scene back in 2000 with this song Separated. It eventually shot up to number 1 on the US R&B charts and was very popular amoung R&B heads. Avant is from Cleveland orginally and has a sound and look similar to his idol R.Kelly’s – hence the constant comparison between both artsits. I can see the resemblance music and stylewise, but Avant was alot softer than R.Kelly with his image and his music. In my opinion, he was at his best when he kept to this formula. If you’ve been sleepin’ on Avant, you really must check out some of his older albums, starting with My Thoughts, Ecstasty (ChokLit’s Choice) and Private Room. Even Director was good. If you remember this video, Avant is haunted by an Ex girlfriend who goes a little pyscho when he breaks things off with her and decides to get revenge on Avant in a crazy way. A Hood classic – even if you ain’t from the Hood! Enjoy.

Avant also did a Remix to Separated with a young Kelly Rowland. You can peep that video here.

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ChokLit Fresh: Lloyd Banks & Ron Browz – In Luv With Ya Boy

Lloyd is back with some help from Ron Browz

Lloyd is back with some help from Ron Browz

Do ya’ll remember ya boy Lloyd Banks? It wasn’t that long ago that this G-Unit Soldier was breakin groupie hearts and killing us softly with that swag and those…lips. Since his last album, Rotten Apple album performed abysmally ( I can’t remember much of the promotion for that project other than the video for the Keri Hilson-featured song, Help), Banks has been laying low as a loyal 50 soldier (ya’ll seen what happened to Buck, right?) Here is an excerpt from an MTV Mixtape Monday feature on Banks:

The industry scorned him because he’s a rapper’s rapper,” XL added. “He doesn’t sit through marketing meetings and know the politics of radio — or even the little backlash coming. When Banks came out, he had to fight a lot of hate. It wasn’t based on music no more; it was the politics.”

Sha is predicting big things for the album Banks is currently cooking up. “The album he’s working on is amazing and he’s coming back like Jay-Z after ‘Sunshine,’” he said. “[Sometimes] you get that one album that don’t connect, but Banks’ fans is still with him. He’s still touring and doing shows like sh*t is all the way right. He’s coming to beat their heads in — he on some lyrical exercise.”

Lloyd Banks feat. Ron Browz – In Luv With Ya Boy


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