Music News ROLO: FILA – Forever I Love Atlanta Part II

iloveatlFinally we have the conclusion to the Atlanta music section on The CF that I benefited from while traveling down South a week  ago. One thing I will give Atlanta – or the South in general, is their ability to support their own artists and musical style. While other Coasts stay beefin’ and hatin’ on each other, the South stays supporting. Even though I noticed now, more than ever, that East Coast Hip Hop has infiltrated the clubs and radio in Atlanta, you can still always find that elusive hood Atlanta track that you will most likely not find anywhere else – at least not until Mainstream National Radio picks it up. Case in point: The Stanky Legg. ‘Nuff said. I have to admit, it took me a little while to find some of these, so I hope ya’ll enjoy!

*ChokLit’s Choice:


*Juvenile feat. Pleasure P – Hands on You

This is one of my fave R&B/Hip Hop mash-ups right now. Pleasure P croons lustfully over a beat while Juvenile raps some token ‘we don’t love these h*es’ lyrics, with his bouncy flow over a techno-sounding beat. Yet it all works. Juvie the Great is back and I for one can’t wait.  Are ya’ll still sleepin’ on Pleasure P??

youngjeezyD4L feat. Young Jeezy – Scotty (Remix)

Scotty is actually a track originally from D4L debut album, Down For Life released back in 2005. The beat on this track was such a Monster that Jeezy decided to revive it, making it became a big hit in the clubs. Rarely would a night of clubbing in Atlanta be without this song, so naturally I had to seek it out once I got home and settled. Jeezy really does do the song justice and gives it  some much-needed street cred. You’re welcome.

kandi2Black feat. Kandi – Try it out

I do not know much about this Rapper called Black, but I do know this song, Try it Out aka Get with this Pimpin’ was a Skripper club anthem, and hence got some radio and club love as well. Everything in the South seems to be born and bred out of the Strip clubs. And having a stripper pole in your home is as regular as owning a coffee table. But what about our daughters?? Social commentary aside, I like this song!


Keri Hilson – Slow Dance

Lastly, we have Slow Dance – the epitomy of the Atlien slow groove aka sex grind. Ciara perfected it with Promise, and now Keri Hilson having been passed the proverbial torch, takes her turn at one.  The instrumental alone is very suspect in its similarity to Promise…but aside from that, Keri’s voice rides this track effortlessly as she oozes sex appeal. Atlanta radio definitely showed this track some love.

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Music News ROLO: FILA – Forever I Love Atlanta


I know I have been avoiding my ChokLit Factory like the plague. I have been absent from the music for a bit and it shows. Of course my Readers still hung in there with me, so you already know I was cookin’ up some sweet stuff for ya’ll. I spent most of last week in one of my favourite cities, Atlanta, Georgia and best believe we had fuuuun 🙂

Stuntin' like Canadians!

Some of the clubs we frequented that I must shout out:

PURE on Thursday nights had a nice open space, room for VIPs and a spacious dance floor. The music was on point, if not repetitive, and some of the VIP staff was pushy, but this is a solid club where you are guaranteed a good time.

Club ESSO – Now, we only ended up here because Velvet Lounge was impossible to get into, but I am glad we did because only at ESSO did we get the true Decatur flavour – including music straight out of ATL’s hoods, a separate room for dancehall & reggae, and ladies wearing flip flops – yes flip flops.

Tongue & Groove is a new spot for Monday nights that caters to the women. With free martinis until 12am, a spacious area and a mix of professional meets street ATL men, it was a welcome cure for the Monday blues.

Now for the music! It took a while to recognize what was really hot in the ATL because the radio provided a lot of repetition (but what else do we expect?) and most of the songs were ones we’re heard before, like Trey Songz & Drake’s Successful, TheDream’s Sweat it Out and Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye’s We Run This Town.

But here are some real bangers we liked:

Sammie feat. Trey Songz – Bedroom G

I’ve actually heard this track before coming to Atlanta, but I still like the song nonetheless. Sammie pairs up with the Prince himself to tell the ladies how he gets down in the bedroom.

Gucci Mane feat. Plies – Wasted

This song is a certified ATL hit! Gucci Mane is the hottest ATL import right now and he now has his own hit to prove it! Plies adds some swag to the track as well. The beat knocks!

Lil Scrappy feat. Ludacris – Partna Dem

We just started hearing this song as we were leaving and it shut down the clubs when it played! The beat is ridiculous and Ludacris really brings it with his rhyme. Its Hot Choklit!

Don’t worry, we’ll have more info on the ATL with tomorrow’s posts! Yuuuup!

Music News ROLO: Get Caught up!!

So I am a little out of the loop due to last night’s late night activities (I wish) so, I wanted to make sure the CF readers weren’t missing a beat!


Check out these links below for the newest goings-on in the Urban R&B/Hip Hop world – ChokLit Style of course!

Blogger/Radio Personality Miss Info visits R.Kelly’s home in Chicago to preview his new album, Untitled
courtesy of

ChokLit’s take: Are we still going with the Untitled shtick?? Ok Mr. Kelly. I love Kelly’s quote when he mentions his ‘research’ for this project included throwing parties at his mansion for a good month and judging the crowds’ reactions to his music. For his sake, I hope this was a 25+ only party…I love Miss Info 🙂

Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye get all  possessive for Run This Town video

ChokLit’s take: This video is on every single blog today so I’m sure you all have seen it already.I chose to watch it with the sound off for my own personal reasons. I love me some Rihanna, but the screeching in this song is a bit much, plus I simply enjoy watching her play dress up instead 🙂 (did that come out wrong??). Of course Rihanna looks stellar and appears ever so confident while performing next to her former Boss. Kanye steals his scenes – the only scenes Rihanna is not dominating. Sorry Hova, we barely noticed ya! Dope video, still.

Keep readin…


Music News ROLO: G.O.A.T Season – Whitney Houston Makes a Comeback!


Can you feel it?? One of music’s few remaining Legends is gearing up to release her new album, I Look to You. The long-anticipated album will be her first in years and will be in stores September 1st! I am so excited and anxious for Ms Houston’s return. Obviously my readers must know I am a loyal Whitney fan 🙂 so I’m happy to see she is on her way back on top once again. Her album cover looks very regal and mature – just what we expect from the Queen. The pictures below are from the album listening party that happened Tuesday night at Manhatten’s Jazz at Lincoln Center. Houston’s mentor, Clive Davis as well as celebs like Alicia Keys, Dionne Warwick and Marta Stewart were also in attendance. I’m sure Martha understands everyone needs a second chance. Now what I’mma need to see is my girl Wendy Williams and Whitney have another chat like their infamous radio interview years ago. Whitney looks beautiful and I’m so excited to hear what she has in stores. I Look to You will feature production and writing from Diane Warren, R.Kelly (YAY!), Akon, Sean Garrett (**side-eye**) and Swiss Beatz. I do hope they keep my Whitney pure!

Keep reading to see more pictures and the album’s tracklisting. Click here to listen to Whitney’s first official single, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.


Music New ROLO: New music from Usher & Pharrel, RichGirl and Christina Milian

Greetings to my ChokLit Fam! We will make this new music update quick!

Usher1Usher & Pharrel Willams – Certified

The man Usher Raymond is looking to make his REAL comeback after his failed marriage and failed album. I still stay up late at night wondering why Usher created his last album the way he did. Well, not literally. I just wonder how he had managed to fall so far after being one of the biggest R&B stars in the world. Moving mountains on, Usher has been recording in the Studio with Neptunes headman/producer extraordinaire, Pharrel Williams. They recently released this song, Certified onto the ‘Nets. I like the song ok, I hope it is a signal of better things to come from Mr. Raymond. Last I heard, his new album Monster will hit stores October 2009. Do we like it?



Music News ROLO: Trey Songz Disses the King, Mariah’s New Album, Maxwell’s next Single


So everyone is going crazy over the new Trey Songz diss track aimed at the reining King of R&B, R. Kelly. D.O.A Kellz is Trey’s new publicity stunt song to promote his new album, Ready, hitting stores this August. Apparently, Trey’s first two released singles have not drummed up enough attention for his project. I am a bit saddened by this, because I would drink Trey’s bathwater really like Trey and think he is a great artist – and I hate when good artists have to resort to these tactics (Keri Hilson…anyone??). In the song, Trey gripes that nobody wants to hear R.Kelly doin’ auto-tune, asks why Kellz cut his braids off (Trey laughs, “who you tryin’ to be, ME?”), claims Kellz is tryin’ to bite TheDream, calls T-Pain a “copycat” and even takes a slight dig at Pleasure P (but why?). Also, Trey laments, “Shout out to C.breeze, you still a friend to me” …No comment.

*Side note: Didn’t R.Kelly write & produce the song Grub On, off Trey’s last album? That was one of the better mid-tempo jams on Trey Day. That being said, I co-sign with Trey that I cannot stand R.Kelly tryin’ to do the T-Pain/Ron Browz/TheDream thing. You are a LEGEND, Stay in your damn lane! I’m done!

Listen to the track below!

Trey Songz  – D.O.A Kellz (DISS Track!)


Keep Reading!!


Music News ROLO: Jeremih readies his Def Jam Debut & Video

Source: via WireImage/Getty

Source: via WireImage/Getty

In addition to Girl Group season, get ready for the Summer of Jeremih. I’m calling it. I featured Jeremih’s runaway hit, Birthday Sex,  a month or so back. Since the song’s independent release late last year and its tremendous success, Hot ChokLit dude Jeremih has been signed to Def Jam Records and has filmed the video for his hit to be released very soon.

Ya girl just came back from a Spring break-style vacation and trust, Birthday Sex was the late night grindfest song of choice. And the ladies were not complaining at all! Not to mention, Jeremih is a handsome guy and will definitely have the ladies screaming swooning. And to think, Jeremih has only been at this R&B game for 3 years before getting signed. I hope he’s ready, because me thinks his is about to blow!

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Music News ROLO: Chrisette’s First #1 & Ciara’s Dissapointment


First off, ChokLit Kisses go to my girl Chrisette Michelle! She has scored her very first #1 Album! **Applause** Her sophomore CD, Epiphany is getting a lot of love from R&B fans, so good for her! It topped the Billboard charts this week with 83,000 units sold. Mind you, according to Billboard, this is the slowest-selling number one album in Neilsen’s 18-year history! That means ya’ll really ain’t tryin’ to buy your traditional CDs anymore huh? Do you prefer iTunes instead, or is LimeWire your BFF?  Anyways, it is always good when good music catches a break every now & then. I am working on getting my hands on the CD so I will update you all on what I think about (though I hear really good things!) Has anyone heard Epiphany yet? What do you think?


Now the bad news. Last week I heard rumblings of Ciara & Chrisette battling it out for the number one spot and I was a little surprised… But sadly, Ciara had to bow in at number 3 on the charts with under 81,000 units of Fantasy Ride sold. The Hannah Montana soundtrack came in second. I should also mention that Ciara’s previous effort, Evolution, sold 338,000 copies in its first week out, beating out Chart-Champ Eminem! So this is a huge disappointment for Ciara and her fans and her Label who suffered a setback when Go Girl did not take off and Fantasy Ride took a tumble. All the push-backs let an uneasy feeling with her fans (including myself) and gave Fantasy Ride a premature bad rap. Then the lackluster singles released for the actual project still left people wanting more. She did get a boost with her Justin Timberlake feature, but many fans complained Love Sex Magic sounded like a leftover from Justin’s previous effort FutureSex/Love Sounds.


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Music News Rolo: New Music from Cam’ron, Nikki Minaj & Akon, T-Pain & Ace Hood

So because ya’ll asked for it, I’ve got some new Hip Hop tracks for ya’ll that are currently bumping in the ChokLit Factory.

Killa Cam

Killa Cam

First up, we have my boy Cam’ron. Let’s get one thing straight: I was a big Dipset fan back in the day. I thought they went real hard, I actually bought all their albums – even Juelz’ first one! But naturally, once they started to blow up (re: Juelz), egos started to clash and friendships started to wane. Then Cam kinda fall off.  He fought off a lyrical battle with the Bully that is 50 Cent. He also did some foolishness while being interviewed on Network TV that just brought straight shame. Cam and Jim Jones ended up having a fall-out unfortunately and are currently not on speaking terms, but I can’t lie, I haven’t really kept up on all the beef. Luckily, Cam’ron’s hiatus has helped him to make good music again, and he is back with this Banga, Get it in Ohio. This is hopefully a hint at what we should expect from his sixth solo effort, Crime Pays.  The song is payin homage to the Mid-West and all the ‘work’ Cam used to get out there. I love this beat – this song reminds me of the good ol’ Dipset days. We need to just all get along, fellas!

Cam’ron – Get it in Ohio


Ms Minaj

Ms Minaj

Next up, my girl Nikki Minaj. I am still trying to catch up on Homegirl; I featured her in a music post last week and I’m def feeling this girl. As a female Rap artist, she’s got my ear and I couldn’t even cosign for Remy or even Eve (I liked her style better as a Ruff Ryder). DTP’s Shawna was Bad as well, but she couldn’t be consistent, or sell for that matter. Nikki might just be that great ChokLit Hype the ladies (and fellas?) are checking for. I just think she’s ill with the skills. This track, Keys Under Palm Trees, is a narrative about Nikki chillin in the Jamaican heat, puttin’ in work. Use your imagination. The song is dope and the best thing about it is listening to Nikki tell the story. Very rare! Check it out. Oh, and NO cameos!

Nikki Minaj – Keys Under Palm Trees


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Music News ROLO: Soulja Boy with the #1 song in NYC, huh?

Still taking those camera phone pics...

Still taking those camera phone pics...

I read this over at Sandra Rose’s spot and I had to post Greg Street’s comment. Basically, legendary radio DJ Greg Street is explaining the phenomenom that is Soulja Boy’s hit song , Turn my Swag on, that was released 10 Months (!) ago, and is now one of the hottest songs in rap. I’ll admit, I even pegged Soulja Boy as a one-hit wonder, after his Monster success with 2007’s Crank Dat. But he and Collipark have still managed to make an impact in Rap music. Then came a little song called, Turn my Swag On.

Soulja Boy’s second single, Kiss me Through the Phone featured young crooner Sammie and did very well for them, peaking at number 3 on the Billboard 100. The song was also a hit on 106 & Park and MTV, and sold millions of Ringtones, naturally. Of his new foray into R&B-Rap, Soulja Boy commented:

“My fans let me know, enough with that dancing songs for now…Now it’s time to do great music like Kiss Me Through the Phone…It’s a real record, no gimmick. It’s a catchy record ,’cause that’s what my fans want.” Source