Sweet Tooth: Kelly Rowland Won’t Quit – She’s Back with ‘Commander’

Kelly Rowland just might get her chance in the Sun.  After switching Management last year and enjoying some success overseas, Kelly released a buzz track Smooches (originally meant for Teyana Taylor) that did not really Buzz at all. Luckily she found a sound better suited for her. Commander, written by Rico Love (who also wrote Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams and Usher’s Daddy’s Home) and produced by David Guetta who also dueted wth Kelly on a record last year.

This truly is dance/electro-pop at its finest and it actually really works well for Kelly. I don’t really believe Kelly’s vocals work well for core R&B, she is more suited for less vocally complicated pop songs – in my opinion, of course. Also, Kelly’s music and image is huge is England/Europe while she plays second (or fourth) fiddle to female artists here in North America. So it makes sense for Kelly to appeal to the image and music of the fans who appreciate her (ie. buy her music). I can see this song being a hit for Kelly. Check out some pictures from the set of her video for Commander. The director is Muto and will feature choreography from Aaliyah’s former choreographer Fatima Robinson, which is exciting! What do you guys think of the song?

Download: Kelly Rowland – Commander

Pics courtesy of KellyRowlandWeb.com


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  1. You have a really bad perception of kelly! mistake number 1 she did NOT release smooches for a buzz single a producer release it. she record the song but it was never meant to be heard because that song never blended with the sound she originally was going for!

    mistake number 2 Smooches did give her a buzz it’s still giving her a buzz plenty of people are still asking her and others about the song and asking her to release it

    mistake numer 3 she can sing core R&B and she hits ALLL of the notes just fine I take it you have NEVER listened to her music for you to even fix your lips to say the things said in the article YOU MIGHT WANT YOU WANT TO LISTEN to Ms Kelly and Ms Kelly diva deluxe!

    • Hi Real Deal, thanks for commenting. You may be correct. I have heard Kelly sing live and I was not convinced of her vocal abilities.
      Also, after Smooches was released, I never heard much buzz around her for it, but that could be b/c the leak was unauthorized. Lastly, when I think of R&B ladies who can sing, like Syleena Johnson, Alicia Keys or even newcomer K Michelle, I wouldn’t consider Kelly in their league VOCALLY. BUT I do think this more club pop sound fits her voice better.

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