Melt In Your Ears: New Music from Trey Songz & Jamie Foxx

A few weeks back I posted Trey Songz’ remix to Usher’s Lil Freak and questioned how much longer Songz had planned to ride his Freak-A-Leek image. When I heard this latest leaked song, I started to imagine this change in direction may be coming sooner than I thought! In For the Sake of  Love, Trey sings about being willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Love alive between him and his S/O.  This is one of the better songs I’ve heard from Trey in a long time! Trey sings,

” ‘Cuz there is nothing I won’t do/ for the sake of our love…
I’m gonna be a commitment, its one to  say it, but I’m gonna be there – Believe that.

Even better news is that the track is produced by Just Blaze. Who knows the sample?? Listen below…

Download: Trey Songz – For the Sake of Love

Like some good Ciroc or Grey Goose, I can only take Jamie Foxx in small doses.  I can get hysterical with him as a comedian and can respect him as an actor, but I can’t always take his music seriously. Not that I don’t like his music, or deny his singing talent, I just get the corny vibe when he sings at times…

For his next album titled Body, Foxx is again recruiting hitmakers The Dream & Tricky Stewart. They produced this leaked track, Your Body as well. I am loving this song right now. It is simplistic, yet sexy and sultry. The lyrics are a big tease as Jamie sings about all the ways he wants to be with his Lover’s body.

“Now I got my hands all on (your body)/Makin plans all on (your body)/
Tryin to scheme up on (your body)/Pour whip cream up on (your body)/
I’mma drop it on ya (your body) Put choklit on (your body)/
Then I’mma suck it off ya, Said I’mma suck it off ya…”

I’m actually feeling Jamie’s vocals on this track as well. Listen below…

Download: Jamie Foxx – Your Body


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