Melt in Your Ears: Robin Thicke’s RollaCoasta & Ryan Leslie’s Adidas Ad

Even though Robin Thicke made a string of promotional appearances on various talk shows (including David Letterman) with Nikki Minaj for their song, Shakin’ it for Daddy (I wasn’t a big fan…), Robin decided to release Rollercoasta featuring Estelle as his second official single (International markets only) from his fourth studio album Sex Therapy. While Rollercoasta will only be released for International markets,  the Single  Its In The Morning featuring Snoop Dogg will be released as the US single. Robin just finished filming the video recently.

Rollacoasta is a good look for International markets since the song has a funky futuristic vibe. Also Estelle is always a good choice when trying to reach an overseas audience. Do ya’ll like this? I think its hot!

Sidenote: Thicke’s Sex Therapy is a solid album that finds him branching out and trying some new sounds. If you haven’t already, Cop that ish!!


I ain’t sure about commitment, but I could sure use the company

Well, at least he’s honest… Ryan Leslie, teaming up with Adidas for their new campaign called Adidas Originals, recorded a new song called When I think About Love. Ryan plays a snippet of the song in this promotional video of him decked out in Adidas gear singing on the streets of NYC. Being a Marketing major, this is the kind of Advertisement I can get into. And the song is catchy too!  Check it out!


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