Milk Dudd: *Video* Teairra Marie – Sponsor featuring Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy

Teairra Marie quietly released her video for Sponsor a couple weeks ago.  The song has been getting airplay for a minute now, though her label has again taken too long to produce a video. As I have said before, I like Teairra; I think she has a nice, pleasant voice, she can sing and is cute to look at, but she has got to do better and come harder if she wants to succeed in this Industry.  Here are some of my thoughts on the video:

Dance or Sing: Choose ONE!

The choreography in this video is severely lackluster. My sister’s high school talent shows produced better dance sequences than this. And Teairra was tiptoeing through most of the routine like she didn’t want to break a sweat. If Rihanna can wine up a storm without looking foolish, Teairra will have to do more than spread her legs or prop her ass up. #DoBetter

Lack of Star Rapper

Sadly, like many artists who paid good money to work with Gucci Mane while he was still hot and relevant, then had to produce videos without the star feature since he is currently incarcerated, Womp Womp to them. Gucci may be the Lil Wayne of 2010 (when comparing how many R&B song features he is doing), but these constant video absences won’t cut it.

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A GD Anthem in 2010??

Lastly, as much as I carelessly bopped my head to this song when it was first released, the actual video made the whole chickenhead/jumpoff/golddigger anthem potential of this song a reality. I know its just for fun, but the song itself is sort of dumb, hence the video’s attempt to justify the video with its ‘surprise’ ending.

Sadly, I’m not sure what’s in store for Teairra’s career. This looks like something the 106 & Park crowd may flock to though.

Teairra should have released Phonebooth instead of  No Daddy five years ago….

What do you guys think of the video?

Sidenote: I JUST realized I have been spelling this poor girl’s name the whole damn time!! 😐

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  1. I am officially co-signing on EVERYTHING you said in this post! About her talent, her whack video, and her choice of singles put on the radio

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