Now or Laters?: New Music from Trey Songz, Fabolous and Christina Milan

We have a new category at the CF. Now or Laters is for music I will post, but not necessarily cosign; you can be feeling it Now or you can feel it Later or never.  I will let you, the Readers 🙂 decide if its hot or not. This is one of many steps I am taking to decrease my musical selfishness and encourage equal opportunity of music listeners everywhere. Ok, its not that serious, but here is some new music floating around that I want to know if anyone is feeling.

Trey Songz – My Lil Freak

Usher’s new single My Lil Freak with Nikki Minaj is gaining some traction on radio – so much so, that Trey Songz has jumped on a remix! Trey even steals Nikki’s flow for part and goes pretty hard! But we all know Trey can flow a bit. Word is, Trey is working on a new Mixtape for all you freaks. I’m just wondering how deep (pun intended) Trey will run this Sex God schtick until it starts to get old…

Sidenote: I can not find the mp3 of this song for the life of me, but when I do, I will update the link.

Christina Milian – Nevermind

Christina Milian recently delivered her first child with her husband, Terrius Nash. In the meantime, a lot of her music has been leaking on the Internet. No word on when her project is expected to drop, but judging from what I’ve been hearing from the project, there is no rush honey. Nevermind is actually a decent  pop record, written and produced by The Clutch.

Christina Milian – Nevermind

Read on!!

Fabolous feat. Trey Songz – All the Way Turnt Up

Roscoe Dash & Soulja Boy are KILLING the clubs with their hit song All The Way Turnt Up, so Fabolous and Trey decided to do their own version on their latest Gangsta Grills Mixtape, The Funeral Service. Its hot but I hear Lupe Fiasco’s version is the real Monster. I think Trey has officially stolen R.Kelly’s flow on this #justsayin

Fabolous & Trey Songz – All the Way Turnt Up Remix

What do you guys think of these songs? You feeling them now?? …Or later?


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  1. […] Now or Laters?: New Music from Trey Songz, Fabolous and Christina … Sharing is Caring! […]

  2. Did you just compare Lupe to Fabolous lol? This freestyle by Fab was pretty good. There was definitely better ones on his mixtape Funeral Service. Anyway this is HOTTTTTTTTT.Good find

    • Thanks, I haven’t heard the Mixtape, but I hear its pretty solid. I checked out Lupe’s version…was aight (the Streets LIED!!!)

  3. RIGHT NOW for Trigga… No other solo artists in his genre are making any kind of noise. He got this on lock as long as he doesn’ do something dumb like chris brown a chick

  4. MUCH LATA for Milian – epic YAWN. Nobody cares for her…ever. She was always at best a C league star. Now shes not even on the alphabet. And Dream songs have sucked lately (sorry cF, I heart Dream too)

    • Blasphemy!! lol I kid. Love King is cool! But yes, this blows. As does most of the other stuff I’ve heard from Christina, even Dream’s work.

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