Music News ROLO: Trey Wakes the Neighbours & Ciara Got that Bank!

Trey Songz has released yet another video off his popular Grammy-nominated album, Ready. I still liked Trey Day better than this album, but I’m glad Trey is getting his well-deserved shine, even if that meant him having to whore himself as the ultimate sex symbol for the ladies…no complaints here, I guess. I read someone comment on a blog that Trey was coming for R.Kelly’s spot since his songs evoke that same freaky-as-I-wanna-be mentality that R.Kelly used (and still uses today) to get people’s attention. We can safely say many children were concieved from Kelly’s music in the 90s so I guess time will tell how successful Trey’s music is in doing the same.

Trey filmed Neighbours Know My Name with Victoria Secret’s model Jessica White. I heard she was rumored to be Ne-Yo’s new girlfriend…maybe not after this video!! The red-light special look of the video was definitely a good look.

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Do the ladies love Trey’s new video? And do the fellas love Jessica White?

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Aside from globe-trotting, being a fashion muse for couture houses and appearing at various club openings and parties, Ciara has been hard at work on her fourth album with TheDream(Team) and Tricky Stewart. I predict some Heat will result from these studio sessions. However, this new track released from these sessions, In The Bank must have been the debris used to start the fire…that didn’t catch on. But we must remember, this is just a BUZZ record. It is meant to get people talking, curious and even to get us ‘hating’ on Cici.

The beat is nice; that’s all I will say. Ciara address her many ‘haters’ who talk about her all day while she is literally laughing all the way to the Bank. Even though some of us laugh and call Ciara a failure due to poor sales of Fantasy Ride, her current management team has secured many high-paying gigs for Ciara and have managed to keep her relevant. In other words, don’t write her off just yet.

What do you guys think of her new song? TheDream and Tricky Stewart will produce Ciara’s whole album.

Ciara – I’m Up In the Bank


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  1. Umm… I’ll let you know how I feel about the video once I take a cold shower! lol

  2. Jessica White is too tall for Trey. But I like this song.

  3. If this is a buzz record I can’t wait to hear the rest! This is fantastic and much stronger than the filler from Fantasy Ride. Speaking of awesomeness did everyone catch the pics of Cici performing at Haze over the weekend? I will now light myself on fire. Wow.

    • What do you like specifically? The beat, the lyrics?

      • The beat sounds timbalandish so – yes, I like. It also puts her in a stratosphere of importance when she records on reputable beats. Makes her a lil more relevant in the public eye. Also creatively, the song lends itself to the opportunity to have an interesting video with it’s pseudo robbing a bank them i.e. Ciara holding guns making suggestive poses in liquid leggings for 4:20 of my suddenly awesome life.

        • Oh the leggings. I understand this is a buzz record, I just think at this point in the game, Ciara needs to come harder to be relevant…

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