ChokLit’s Choice: Nneka – HeartBeat

A friend recently put me on to this amazing Nigerian/German artist, Nneka. Born in Nigeria, of an Igbo father and German mother, Nneka grew up in Warri, Nigeria, while later going to school in Germany. Nneka began working with German producer DJ Farhot as they collaborated on many projects. Nneka has released three albums, Victim of Truth in 2005, No Longer at Ease in 2008, and Concrete Jungle, her first US release that was released last month.

The first song of hers I listened to was Heartbeat and I instantly fell in love with it! It is different, catchy and haunting, all at once. Nneka raps as well as sings; her voice being nasally high yet strong. Most of Nneka’s musc is politically-charged as she comes from a country that is plagued with corruption, violence and greed. Myself being Nigerian as well, I was very interested in hearing what Nnkeka had to say. She is very talented and her message is revolutionary. Please check out her video for Heartbeat, as well as a performance she did on David Letterman for the song.

I hope to do a feature on Nneka, but in the meantime, make sure you check out her Myspace Page where you can purchase her music as well as her Official Website.

Thanks to Rebecca for the recommendation!!

What do you guys think of her?

Nneka – Heartbeat Video

Nneka – Heartbeat Performance


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  1. The song is GREAT. I think I will mosey on over to her website and check out the other songs. 🙂 BTW- have you heard anything about Tweet, like is she working on a new album or anything? Because the other day I came across Southern Hummingbird and almost forgot how much I LOVED that album!

    • Glad you like the song Ms Chelle, I’m loving it!
      As for Tweet, how GREAT was her first album?? Like, seriously. I have heard Tweet is trying to come back since her last album was shelved I believe. I don’t think her label is interested in her anymore sadly…let me get back to you on that one…

  2. […] ChokLit’s Choice: Nneka – […]

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