Sweet Tooth: *Video* Monica – Everything to Me

Here is the video for Monica’s Everything to Me. As I mentioned in a previous post, Monica is wearing all Alexander McQueen designs and she dedicates this video to the late designer. Chad Ochocinco plays Monica’s love interest. I assume Monica has the choice of who plays her love interests in her videos. Judging from her past picks that include Jamie Hector (from the Wire), Rapper Young Buck and Derek Luke (Antoine Fischer), Mo likes ’em tall, dark and handsome!

For some reason, director Benny Boom thought it was a good idea to rip the plot from the ‘Hollywood classic’, Obsessed…nonetheless, the video was entertaining and had a cute surprise ending.

Monica looks flawless throughout the video; a class act as usual. My favourite part is Mo’s eyeroll at 1:41 when the stalker tries to approach her man. Monica does not play.

Did you guys like the video? Monica’s album Still Standing will be in stores March 23rd.


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  1. Her wardrobe is stunning, it may be a little over the top for a music video, but she WORKED IT!!!
    I’m loving this song and the dark sexy chocolate man in it- Amen!!

  2. Monica is flawless, as usual. I think she has an amazing voice, but her songs never really do it for me. I know she was paying tribute to Alexander McQueen with the fashion, that’s why it’s so over the top for the video.

    • Hahah you know I never questioned her wardrobe as being over-the-top until now. Monica has been kinda hot-to-trot with her wardrobe lately…that’s that The Boy is Mine money….

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