ChokLit’s Choice: Monica Returns with Everything To Me

I know I am late on this one. Singer Monica has been televising her latest adventures back to relevance with her television show, Still Standing, on BET. Monica and her producers, namely Bryan Michael Cox who has been overseeing the project, have been steadily trying to craft that Hit for Monica that her Label would approve. I’ve enjoyed most of the material I heard from the project, but I understood the Label’s hesitation at moving forward. Monica is one of those solid artists from the 90s that struggle to find relevance today in an Industry that feeds on scandal, sex appeal and stunts, sometimes moreso than talent itself.

Luckily, Monica was able to team up with Superproducer Missy Elliot who has an uncanny knack for producing for women in R&B, specifically for Monica. Not only did Missy Executive Produce Monica’s last hit album, After the Storm, including its hit first single, So Gone, she also produced my favorite track off of Monica’s Makings of Me album, A Dozen Roses (You Remind Me).

Monica has officially released her first single off her album Still Standing, called Everything to Me. The song was produced by Missy Elliot and features a sample from Deneice Williams’ Silly of Me. Williams is a popular singer, songwriter and producer who found fame during the early 70s and 80s. She began as a backup singer for Stevie Wonder and Minnie Ripperton. Everything to Me borrows the music from Silly of Me, while Monica sings new vocals. Everything is getting a lot of radio love and airplay, though the song is also drawing critics who say Monica shouldn’t have touched the Classic and can not compare to William’s version. My take: I never knew who Deneice Williams was before this song. (I will hand in my R&B fan card – next week) Williams has a great voice and I enjoy her version, but Monica definitley did her thing! Take a listen at both songs.

SideNote: Monica filmed the video to Everything to Me a few weeks back with Cincinatti Bengals wide-receiver (and Hot ChokLit!) Chad Ochocinco playing her love interest. Monica dedicated her video, which featured all new fashions from the late Alexander McQueen to the iconic designer. Look out for the video soon, while Monica’s album will be released March 23rd.

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Monica – Everything To Me

Deneice Williams – Silly of Me

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  1. I’m a big Monica fan but Monica from back in the day. I think that you said it perfectly, its hard to fit her peice into the 2010 puzzle. She is very static, even her hair is somewhat the same….but this has all been said without listening to the track you you know the deal, when I get home to unblocked heaven..I’ll check it out!!

    • Hahah let me know what you think of the song!

  2. I’m loving the Everything to me record. Have had it on repeat for the past couple months. I cant wait until her new album drops next month

  3. I agree with y’all as well. She’s one of the few artists who have remained “gimmick free” I mean- she’s not out there showing all her skin and hitting up the party scenes, she’s very respectful and the focus is on her talent and not on her social life.

    And I’m sorry, maybe not, but ima have to do a little scolding Miss ChokLit! You’ve never heard of Deniece? I won’t be too hard though, because I know you’ve heard her songs but probably didn’t know who sung them. Check out her track called “Free” because that’s my jam girl! She also did “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”

    • Thanks Ms Chelle, I needed that lol. I have definitely heard both of these songs, just never knew the Artist :S
      For shame indeed…

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