Oldie Butta GoodieBar: Lola’s Birthday Edition!!

So, today (February 4th) is my birthday – whoop whoop! Although I still went to work and went through all the painful motions of getting up and staying late, I actually had a great day and felt good about being a year older (gasp!) for once. Another year for me means another year of the ChokLit Factory! This means more music, more videos, more album reviews and more reminiscing. It also means more blog readers, more discussions and more growth. Most importantly, more growth. I am doing my best to expand the CF and getting more of my over 300+ daily readers more vocal in how I run things. You can also expect more trips and more Region Music features, like the ones we did for Atlanta.

Since it is my birthday, I can listen to whatever I want and today’s choice for an Oldie Butta GoodieBar includes two selections!

First: Donnell Jones – Knock Me Off My Feet.

Stevie Wonder to me, is one of the greatest singers and performers of our (or before my) time. Most of his work is covered by many artists because it really is that good and that timeless. I came upon Donnell’s song and video for Knock Me Off My Feet a week or so back and haven’t been able to shake it since. I think Donnell has done Stevie so proud with this cover; his voice is effortlessly smooth like velvet. The video is shamefully low budget in an attempt to be artistic. I see they were trying to go for an abstract look, but the song deserved more effort, in my opinion. Check out the video!

Second: UGK feat. Outkast: International Player’s Anthem (I Choose You)

And for my next selection, I wanted to showcase something a little closer to my heart right now. I just turned 27 and my older brother and his girlfriend of 5 years are contemplating settling down, while my mother wonders when I will do the same :S Welllll nothing is in the stars yet for this Aquarius, but I know my brother is feeling the heat to put a ring on it. UGK and Outkast contemplated the idea of marriage in their classic video for their hit song, International Player’s Anthem (I Choose You). Produced by Three Six Mafia’s DJ Paul &  Juicy J, with a video directed by Bryan Barber, the video is a testimony to the absurdity all some men and women associate with marriage. My favourite line: “If that B*tch do you dirty, we’ll wipe her ass out as in detergent”  Classic.


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  2. Happy belated indeed. Hope you had a good one! Good song choices by the way and looking forward to your travels and stories.

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