ChokLit’s Choice: Ryan Leslie

I knew Ryan Leslie released a new album last year, but sadly I did not see any promotion for the album or for its two released singles, You’re Not My Girl and I Choose You. Recently I added I Choose You to  the ChokLitpod and its been in heavy rotation. So much so that I had to do a post on this guy. Ryan is consistently making some stellar music. The Washington, D.C-based singer/songwriter/producer has made enormous leaps and bounds musically and artistically since he emerged behind the production scenes of his ‘star’ artist, Cassie. Since then, we have been able to witness his growth as an Artist.

I Choose You is one of those songs that blends the music with the lyrics seamlessly and perfectly. Over solo keyboards and violins, Ryan sings,

You introduce me to life, that I’ve never known
When I’m by your side that’s when I’m feeling home
And my only attempt is to make you smile, I promise…

Over the others, over my pride
Cuz you’re the best thing, in my life
I choose you
I choose you

Ryan Leslie – I Choose You

The song is 2 min and 50 seconds of subtle brilliance. Leslie’s album Transition was released only 9 months after his debut solo album Ryan Leslie in 2009. Transition was written, produced and arranged by Leslie who crafted it following a relationship he had in the Summer of 2009, with a woman he met while at rehearsal.

Also check out his video for You’re Not My Girl. It features a fresh take on lighting and colors, as well as some some interesting dance moves by Leslie. One of the dancers in the video, the female with the blond in her hair was also one of the principle dancers on the set of Trish’s video for  Best Day of My Life. She is from Toronto. Check the video out!


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