Melt in Your Ears: New videos from Mary, Mariah and Rihanna

The Bish is back!! Ok guys, thanks for sticking around and continuing to check the site out during my absence.  So lets get right back into it, because I’ve missed a whole lot!

First off we have Mary’s newest video for her second single, I Am. Mary looks great in the video, showin us how to really do the blond highlighted bang! Mary’s new album, Stronger With Each Tear is out right NOW! Go cop that ish!


Next we have Ms Mariah and her video for H.A.T.E.U. I feel like I’ve already seen this since I’ve been seeing promo pics of Mariah in this swimsuit for weeks now…I just think this video is ridiculous. This is literally a swimsuit covershoot or a homage to Victoria Secret’s 2010 collection. The video has no story and no purpose. I love Mariah’s music, but these lackluster videos really have to stop. Ok I’m done. Wait – TheDream’s version was better. There, I said it.


And Lastly, Rihanna shows us why she’s So Hard in her long awaited video featuring Young Jeezy. The theme is an army camp in a desert with Rihanna winin’ up in black cutoffs, a baggy fatigue jacket and ridiculous shoulder pads. Rihanna K-I-L-L-S this!! Who can touch her? Well we know who, but it doesn’t matter right now 😛 Really feelin’ this video, though the song must grow on me…


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  1. Like Mary’s song, I hate all the videos. I’m seriously wondering who has creative direction over these videos. What’s so hard with listening to the words and acting out a story.

    Mariah, frolicking on the damn beach has nothing to do with ish…ugh. Sorry I’m ranting. Sick of videos.

  2. Mary’s video is hotttt!!!

    She has really matured…

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