Melt in Your Ears – Robin Thicke feat. Jay-Z: Meiple (Me I Play)


Well Damn!! I guess Robin ain’t playin this time around!! He is fightin’ for that urban whiteboy crown! Snagging a guest sport by Hola Hovito himself is no easy feat for an underrated R&B artist. But Robin does it with such ease. Robin pairs up with Jeff Bhasker (who we last heard about on Alicia’s Broken Heart) and Pro-Jay to create this interesting track. It is nothing like what is on the radio nowadays! Note to self: Must learn more about Mr. Bhasker!

Robin mixes things up in this song by rapping/speaking his lyrics with a yuppy accent where you can hear him winking as he sings. The song has an international vibe to it, with a young lady moaning seductively (?) in French on the chorus and vivid drum patterns dominating the song. I can’t really see this being a radio hit…maybe on iTunes and definitely on the ‘Net, but the best thing it will do is create some much-needed buzz for Robin’s project.

Ha, my boy Tochi was spewin’ some hate on my Facebook page the other day about how stale of an artist he felt Robin was. He might have to eat his words after this one! (Might…)

Robin Thicke feat. Jay-Z – Meiple

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