Chew on This: Rihanna Talks to Diane Sawyer about Abuse


I watched this video and was quite taken aback. I expected to see Rihanna reading a rehearsed script orchestrated by her Publicity team. Not to say, this interview was not arranged in certain ways.  I will definitely check out the remainder of the interview when it airs Friday night on ABC.  Rihanna was actually fighting back tears – that really got to me! I’m glad she is able to finally say her piece and I’m glad she is choosing to speaking out. My favorite line: “Eff Love….because Love is so blind“. Ladies. I hope some of ya’ll are listening.

*Sidenote: Now that Rihanna has spoken out, she does realize she cannot take Chris back right?  Career-wise, people would never let her live it down if she took him back at this point. What did ya’ll think??

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  1. I agree with your sidenote one hundred! But I think if the Courts didn’t make an example of this case by handing Brown the order to stay away…she most def would have been back. That was a blessing for the both of them hopefully this will break the pattern. But I still feel her PR team harnessed this opportunity to ‘talk about’ it now in the critical 4th Quarter of the year with a record about to drop.

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