Melt In your Ears: Rihanna – Russian Roulette


Rihanna is back! Ms Fenty released her new Single to the Internet yesterday to mixed reviews. Russian Roulette, written by singer/songwriter Ne-Yo is a bit unexpected from the Umbrella singer. The song is her first singer on her new album entitled Rated R. She definitely has improved on her vocal skills, which is always nice to see and hear from an Artist. The lyrics are very well-written as well. I listened to the song last night and I wasn’t blown away, but thought it was Ok. Today, when writing this post, I played the song again to get a more organic reaction to the song. I must say, the song improves vastly upon each listen. You appreciate it more. Also, though the chorus is not catchy, it has that same emotional yearning Rihanna achieved with her other hit song, Take a Bow. I can safely say I am excited for Rih’s Rih’s return, especially after such a tumultuous year. Methinks there may be a new Queen in town…

What do you all think?

Rihanna – Russian Roulette

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  1. I think it’s one of those songs that’s going to have to grow on me. Like you said, the chorus isn’t catchy. I like the melancholy feel of it though. I hear there’s trouble stirring thanks to what’s that singer’s name again…she tweeted something about artists needing to take more responsibility for what they’re putting out there. I agree, but I think anyone with common sense isn’t going to let Rihanna tell them to kill themselves. I dunno, I mean it’s Rihanna. Who takes her seriously? I see what’s her face’s point in what she’s saying though…but still is Rihanna that influential over anything? Maybe her wacky style…hmm

    • Hey Ms Nikks,
      I say, listen to the song a few more times. Once the video comes out, it will be a hit-in-the-making. Ne-Yo only writes hits!
      I also dig the melancholy vibe of the song, but she takes it too far imo with the gunshot at the end! Rih Rih be scarin’ me nowadays, I’m not feeling this overly-gothic vibe.
      You are referring to singer Tiffany Evans who grew up in the Church and is trying to make headway in the music industry. I think she made some very good points. I will post on her twitter rant soon…

      • I find Rihanna’s music industy image so overly contrived I can’t believe she has had this much success. I mean, if this was anyone else I can’t help but feel we/the media would have torn them up and absolutely destroyed their career. A lot of her songs are fantastic but a lot of that should be credited to the team of writers and producers behind her *take a bow The-Dream*. Again I agree with every adjective out there to describe her, firece, hot, trendy, whatever..but it’s mind boggling that she pulled the wool over everyones eyes and is as big as she is. What happened to the dorky carribbean vibe she was milking? Oh, that’s right, there is no money to be made from suburban North America. Switch her up, cut her hair, throw on some black nail polish, Cha-Ching! And for her to release this garbage song and then go on 60 min or whatever and give us a sob sorry about her ‘incident’. Wow. Right before her album drops? Why wasn’t she sobbin 9 months ago (no album release date = no need for promotion)….if this is as serious as her and Chris claim it to be then they wouldn’t inaudate us with release dates back to back so we have to endure this ridiculous media blitz. But yeah, she’s hot.

        • You just hatin’ cuz she takin all of Ciara’s shine!! lol I’m playin’

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