Oldie Butta GoodieBar: Dru Hill – Tell Me


LOL @ Sisquo lookin all deranged...

Dru Hilll was the GROUP back then. Back when Male R&B groups (not boy bands) were still making it in the R&B world. Before going solo was the trend. Before the ‘Thong Song’. Dru Hill had church choir harmonies, a flamboyant lead singer, jerky dance moves and an incredible talent for crafting melodies. As a result, Dru Hilll has delivered many many quality R&B songs during the 90s. I still listen to their music today – even the work they put out recently. Sadly, mainsteam music listeners no longer has patience for a male group unless you are a teenage heartthrobs…and preferably white. But I do remember when R&B groups like 112, Jagged Edge and Jodeci were still great and were still making great music. This is one of my all-time fave Dru Hill songs. Sisqo is killin me with the silver hair in the video and the above picture, but I just love his voice on this track especially. I think all of his antics overshadowed the great talent he had as an artist. Sadly, Sisqo is seen as more of a joke or an afterthough nowadays, but I always thought he delivered some great music. Not to take away from the other group members of Dru Hill. Universal is being all protective of its properties so click on the link to see the video. And share your thoughts on this song or other Dru Hill songs. I know you have one!

Dru Hill – Tell Me

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