Sweet Tooth: Dirty Money – Angels Video

diddydawndirtyDiddy has been video-blogging, twittering and just plain running his mouth about his new group Dirty Money which features Dawn Richards, formerly of Danity Kane and newcomer Kaleena Harper who is a talented singer/songwriter. After months of hyping the group up, Diddy has released a video for Dirty Money’s song Angels, which is beautifully directed by Hype Williams. The video, shot in black and white, follows Diddy as he walks solemnly through the streets of New York wearing an ominous leather hoodie. Diddy is getting his Kayne on, as he sings with Autotune and evokes some emotion with his voice. The song is ok, nothing too special, with Notorious B.I.G opening the song. This video was just released today and is getting a lot of love. I am excited to see what else Dirty Money has in store. Dirty Money will appear on Diddy’s fifth solo album entitled, Last Train to Paris. The album will reveal a ‘electro-hip-hop-soul-funk’ sound.

If you are interested, check out this mixtape Diddy released a couple weeks back with DJ Felix Da Housecat. I bump this when I want to bug out a bit. Download the full mixtape here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. I like the idea Diddy was going for, but it just didn’t do it for me. It’s been done before. The only thing that saves this song is B.I.G.

    Should have put Dawn and Kaleena in there more. You see them in about two scenes and that’s about it. Of course Diddy has to pull whole climb on top of some (his idea of beautiful) broad at the end. NEXT!!!!

  2. Ummm I’m confused. What is this video about? And I could barely hear Dirty Money in this song. I assumed it was their song, but of course Diddy made it all about him. Ummm Diddy…the autotune…BOYSTOP!!!

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