ChokLit Factory Exclusive: Live on Set with TRISH


Last night I had the privilege of being a ChokLit fly on the wall for the video-shoot for up-and-coming Hot Girl, TRISH. I keep singing this girl’s praises because I truly believe she will blow-pop! fairly soon.  Then I can run around tellin’ everybody, “I Told you so!” 🙂


The video is for Trish’s single, Best Day of My Life. The song is a twisted dance/pop track that has Trish belting some fierce vocals with a vengeance! The beat is danceable, futuristic and hard hitting.  On set, Trish was decked out in her signature fire-engine red hair, bright pink lipstick, a leather red jacket and psychedelic print leggings. That paired with her 6-inch heels made her quite a sight to see. The shoot easily went on for a good 10 hours, but Trish was always polite, courteous and full of energy. On set, choreographer LutherBrown coached the dancers as they ran through the hype routine too many times to count. Toronto Stylist Janet Han was on call to make touch-ups to Trish’s outfit. Best Day’s producers Product & Whitton were on hand to support Trish, as they had produced the bulk of her material. I also spotted dancer Ponytails and many other Urban Bloggers and Toronto scenesters. While manager Wanye Samuels was running around in a feverish pace trying to make everything run smoothly; director Harv was extremely meticulous about each shot.  Best Day of my Life is a definitely a hot song and I know the video will match the high energy of the song. Peep the pictures below and see exclusive behind the scenes footage of the Luther Brown-created dance routine for Trish’s video.

If you miss the two posts I did on Trish, make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the feature.


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