Still In The W(Rapper): Songwriters’ Revenge – Shanell & Ester Dean


Meet Shanell aka SNL aka the Softer, sexier side of Young Money Entertainment. Formerly belonging to ATL girl group, The Girl’s Club and sister to former Danity Kane Member, D. Woods, Shanell has been flying beneath the radar for a minute now. Looks like Lil Wayne has snatched her up and added her to his growing Young Money Entertainment group. I’ve heard some of her music previously. SNL rides with a Vanity 6/Prince-type swagga, with a strong 80s electro soul feel to her music. She is also a talented songwriter who has written from Danity Kane’s last album. I like Shanell as an artist and I think she has a lot of potential, I’m just not sure who her target market is (gay men perhaps?) and if the mainstream will latch on her sound. Judge for yourself. As for this particular song, I like it – sans the heavy guitars on the hook which are a bit overkill in my opinion.

Shanell feat. Lil Wayne – Play in My Band



Ester Dean is a bit of a mystery. For the life of me I cannot find a picture of Ester on the Internet (despite this being the age of the image). She first caught my interest when she featured on a remix (one of many) to Jeremih’s Birthday Sex. Her voice reminds me of Keyshia Cole’s with its rawness and its power. Ester is a songwriter who like fellow Hot ChokLit girl Keri Hilson, is trying to make a name for herself as a solo artist. She is currently signed to Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 Entertainment. While I like Ester’s voice, this song doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Its a typical Polow beat with a chopped-and-screwed  repetetive hook, but the lyrics are far from inspiring. I think Ester may need to return to the Lab with this one, but I’ll keep an ear out for her on future releases. Did ya’ll like it?

Ester Dean – Drop it Low (produced by Polow)


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  1. I kinda like the Ester song, but it might just be that her voice is different. I can appreciate the voice…the song isn’t anything to write home about, but I can dance to it…lol.

  2. Don’t quite know how I feel about Shanelle as of yet…the song sounds kinda like something Rhianna might do, I dunno I have to hear more from her. I’m still feeling my girl Nicki Minaj though.

    • LoL there is no Nikki Minaj anything on this post 🙂
      But hit up the search fucntion at the top of the page to find my previous posts on her

      • LOL I know, just in reference to Young Money…I heard that ppl be saying that Shanlle is overshadowing Nicki, but naw I don’t see it. BITCHES STEP UR PUSSY UP!

  3. I’m ok with the Ester song too. I expect better from Shanelle and YM & co. because the concept of making innuendos through wordplay has been done much much better than that.

    • Stop being so picky! I actually think the imagery works and surprisingly when Shanell’s track plays in my iPod, I don’t press skip 🙂

  4. no body cant twitpic ester dean and post it ! lol…um in her video is she going to be in it ?

    • I know, right? Soon we’ll see what this chick looks like I guess…

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