Chew on This! Kandi feat. Rasheeda, Rick Ross – I Like Him


Kandi is back! After her stint with Atlanta R&B group Xscape had run its course, Kandi wrote a number of hit songs with producer Kevin ‘Shekspere’ Briggs including the TLC hit, No Scrubs, before embarking on a solo career that quickly fizzled. Years later she would join forces with Atlanta rapper Rasheeda for a group called PeachCandy. Whew! I’ve always liked Kandi, I think she is a beautiful and talented woman with class. She is now one of the Atlanta housewives on the popular BRAVO show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mind you, Kandi is not currently married.

I Like Him is a new song Kandi has released as part of her comeback effort that has been a long time coming. You might remember Kandi’s addition to E-40 and T-Pain’s U and Dat song from a couple years back as well.  I actually like this song! It has a cute and fun vibe to it, and it features a very real situation for ladies that can happen: you are with your man, but you are feeling his friend(!!) a lot. Kandi sings that she “think about you when I touch myself/ and that’s so wrong ‘cuz my man’s right here” Dilemma dilemma. Just wondering, if anyone has ever been in a similar situation or if they have ever acted on their feelings. I’ve found men attractive who were friends of my boyfriend – but have never acted on these feelings. It can be risky business when you venture into ho-territory…but then again, maybe the friend is really the one for you and sometimes you have to burn bridges in life to find true happiness – yes? Check out the song below and share your story if you are brave enough to do so 🙂

Kandi feat. Rasheeda, Rick Ross – I Like Him

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