Sweet Tooth: Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield


Now I do like Jordin Sparks voice, but as an artist, she tends to bore me. Maybe I should finally admit that I am affected by the over-saturation of the Music Industry and its ability to make me overlook an artist’s lack of talent for my general interest in them as an Artist. Or maybe I am reading too far into it. Nevertheless, Jordin has finally recorded some music that I am really feeling. I first heard Battlefield while watching one of my favourite Summer elimination reality shows: So You Think You can Dance. Contestants Brandon and Jeanine danced to a routine choreographed by Laurie-Ann “BoomKat!” Gibson, with such conviction and emotion. It was one of ‘those’ performances. The song really appealed to me as well, its lyrics painting a metaphor of falling in love being similar to entering a battle.  Jordin’s voice really delivers on this song written by The Runaways (Wayne Wilkins, Louis Biancaniello, Sam Watters) and OneRepublic’s frontman, Ryan Tedder (also wrote Bleeding Love and Halo). The song hasn’t been a big hit in the US (has peaked at #25 on Billboard back in May), but has been a hit overseas in countries like Britain, New Zealand and Germany. Jordin’s sophmore album Battlefield, was released last Tuesday, July 21st.

Jordin Sparks – Battlefield

Peep Jeanine & Brandon’s performance after the break!


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