Oldie Butta Goodie Bar: Jodeci – Feenin’


I told ya’ll I was working on my Jodeci 😉

I was at the hair salon the other day when they started playing the Illest R&B DJ mix I’ve heard in a long time! I’m talking about all the classics – from the early 90s and on. I was thisclose to severing ties with my stylist and just theifin’ the damn CD right there – I would appreciate it more than she would! As would my readers!

Alas, the stylist and I are still on good terms: I instead made some mental notes of the songs I needed to follow up on and here we are. Feenin’ by Jodeci circa 1994 from their sophomore album, Diary of a Mad Band.  I love this song! The first thought that came to mind when I watched the video was: N’SYNC bited Jodeci with their video directly stealing Feenin’s concept. The second thought was: the song and video are both very sexy and raw. It reminds me of a time in R&B – post-NewJack Swing era, where it was still cool to sing with great emotion and conviction; to sing about what someone’s love does to you or means to you, without mentioning you purchasing them the Gucci or the Louis.  This video was directed by Hype Williams & Devante. I am now beginning to understand the allure of this Mad Band. After 26 years (young!) at that….Enjoy!

*Sidenote: Peep the Baron’s POV on what happened to Jodeci nowadays. Sadly, these guys are NOT lookin well…


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  1. WOW takin it back! LOVE IT!

  2. A lot of babies were made during their era. Not that I would know anything about that…..

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