Still in the W(Rapper): TheDream can’t wait to Hate You


The many informative peeps of TwitterLand had brought this music to my attention recently. Can’t Wait to Hate Youis a little demo TheDream recorded for Mariah Carey. It is likely to be a possible released single or at least a feature track on her forthcoming Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. The album will be in stores August 21st. Can’t Wait to Hate You is a very somber broken-hearted love song about the dark period that exists right away after a break-up when one is trying to forget about their Ex-flame. The period where everything reminds you about them; her Marc Jacobs shades under your car seat, his empty Heineken cans he never did take for recycling, her mail that still comes to your address. It can be the worst feeling to be haunted by memories; that is when you secretly wish you could hold on to that feeling of anger for that much longer so that you will no longer have to feel the pain of loss. Not that I know anything about heartbreak 😛

I must commend TheDream and his team on this one. I think this song will strike a nerve (in a good way) with listeners, especially once Mariah adds her melodic vocals to it. Perhaps it could be the next, We Belong Together? As long as they don’t give this song to CMilli. Please, no.

The Dream Demo for Mariah – Can’t Wait To Hate You

*Link Fixed!


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  1. I am feelin this track!!

    “Perhaps it could be the next, We Belong Together? As long as they don’t give this song to CMilli. Please, no.”

    I co-sign on that lol

    • Hahah I like it too! Mariah will murder this track!

  2. Doesn’t The-Dream remind anyone of PM Dawn? Am I the only one who sees the similarities? It’s so eeeery…..

  3. […] gives a more in-depth treatment to the Dream’s demo for Can’t Wait to Hate You, that we posted on a while back. Mariah’s version, renamed H.A.T.E.U includes more of her writing and more of […]

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