Music New ROLO: New music from Usher & Pharrel, RichGirl and Christina Milian

Greetings to my ChokLit Fam! We will make this new music update quick!

Usher1Usher & Pharrel Willams – Certified

The man Usher Raymond is looking to make his REAL comeback after his failed marriage and failed album. I still stay up late at night wondering why Usher created his last album the way he did. Well, not literally. I just wonder how he had managed to fall so far after being one of the biggest R&B stars in the world. Moving mountains on, Usher has been recording in the Studio with Neptunes headman/producer extraordinaire, Pharrel Williams. They recently released this song, Certified onto the ‘Nets. I like the song ok, I hope it is a signal of better things to come from Mr. Raymond. Last I heard, his new album Monster will hit stores October 2009. Do we like it?



Rich Girl feat. CB – Smile & Wave

Fresh off of touring with the great Beyonce, RichGirl has leaked another buzz track entitled Smile and Wave. It features another singer on the track. I am not really feeling this song too much because it is a little too POP for me. I understand RichGirl has a chance at reaching the Masses (re: non-Urban fans) due to their similarities to Destiny’s Child and their multicultural-friendly look. But there is no need to get lazy. This song is uninspired and forgettable, but I’m sure a lot of people will like this one. Also with a cute video, it could be 106&Park worthy…


christinamilianChristina Milian feat. TheDream – Chameleon

And finally, Christina Milian and my boo TheDream have finally released a snippet of what they have been concocting in the lab together for Christina’s new forthcoming album, Elope. Chameleon made me cringe, then laugh. Out loud. Either the song is unfinished, or this is a joke and TheDream has a lot of heat up his sleeve. Surely they jest. This is neither a hit song, nor a likable one. There is literally no beat and we are forced to listen to Christina’s nasaly tone in its entirety. TheDream adds some vocals as well, though nobody is listening. Was Tricky Stewart sick on the day they recorded this track? I will wait for a more offical release – this must be a misinformed leak. We should be hearing from Christina’s label (insert label name here) in 5…4…3…2….??



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