Chew On This: Mario feat. Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane – Break Up

Mario & Audra break up

I peeped this new video for Mario’s ensemble track for Break Up featuring singer/song-writer Sean Garrett and ATL trapper of the moment: Gucci Mane, over at ConcreteLoop.  When I first saw the video I was immediately entertained by the visuals and intrigued by Mario’s newly  bald head the concept of the song. The video is really slick (directed by Chris Robinson) and features Audra from RichGirl playing Mario’s love interest. In the song, Mario sings, “When I kiss you so good/Why would you wanna break up? When this lovin’ is so good/Why would you wanna break up?” The song also has Mario confessing that he is unfaithful, lies and doesn’t come home at night but also adds “Don’t I lace you with the Gucci?/Don’t I deck you in the Louis?”  Now, there are many things wrong with those lyrics and the concept behind it, and since the commenters over at CL got very heated on the subject, I thought I would add my two cents as well. But I will reiterate, I Love the song! Bangladesh does a great job on the beat, and Mario sounds great on this track! Also, even though I think Sean Garrett comes across as extremely arrogant, you cannot deny his song-writing skills and talent. And the scene with Sean boxing is …nice.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Chew on This!

Materialism: Ladies, if a man is treatin’ you badly, cheating on you constantly, disrespecting you in public (ie. talking to other females) and downright being a dog, but he is ‘lacing you in Gucci’ and you are asking yourself if you should leave, please do not pass Go and go straight to School! Not literally, but please note that nowadays guys love a girl who ‘got her own’ (well, Ne-yo, Jamie Foxx and Fabolous sure do!) so anything you can do to better yourself and to allow yourself to buy your own Gucci one day, is always a plus. Mario can stop right there with those lyrics!

The Nuvo Commercial: Yes, we see the entertainers holding the Nuvo bottles; yes, we see the Nuvo bottles chilling in the ice box; yes we know Nuvo is the new Patron or the new Hypnotiq; and yes, we heard T-Pain’s Nuvo shout-out in Jamie Foxx’s Blame it song. Nuvo, we know you probably paid for the entire production of this music video, but please stop throwing this damn drink down our throats – literally, thanks!

The obligatory Hot Gyal streching scene: Despite the ample attention stretching scenes were given in recent hot garbage videos like Drake’s Best I Ever Had, we don’t really need to see up-and-coming video vixens stretching their bodies and legs in hot shorts and bras. I know: its sexy, its for the fellas, it reminds men that women can stretch and bend during sex – just not very necessary.

These are only a few issues with the video I thought I would touch on. I left Gucci and his thought-inducing rhymes alone. Besides, I find it hard to be disloyal to the South at times….but maybe I should sit down somewhere… Feel free to add your own two cents if you’d like! The song is below for your listening pleasure.

Mario feat. Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane


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