Melt in Your Ears: Trey Songz’ Anticipation, Omarion, Mary J. & Drake

We got some new music for the R&B folk!

TreySongz Anticipation CoverTrey Songz – Anticipation

The Prince Trey Songz is back with another promotional Mixtape before his August release of his new album, Ready. He released Anticipation onto the web last week and the response has been overwhelming. I’ve gotten halfway through so far, but the material is decent. So far from what I’ve heard, its strictly for the ladies! Trey sounds great but I’m worried his material is fleeting – how many songs can you make about pickin’ up a hot girl at the club, taking her home and bangin’ it out?. I just hope Trey has a lot more to talk about come Album time. You can download the full Mixtape by clicking on the link above.

*Update:  I’ve listened to the entire Mixtape and it is a very solid effort by Trey. He actually has some really good material on here, I was impressed.


OmarionOmarion – Smokin’ a Bottle

Omarion, who has recently signed onto Young Money Entertainment, has released a buzz single called Smokin the Bottle two days ago onto the Nets.  In it Omarion sings, “You should be watchin me like I’m smokin’ a bottle“. This song takes a few good listens to grow on you, but I’m feelin’ it! I’ve always like Omarion and thought he needed to get away from Chris Stokes & crew in order to find true success. I’m not sure if he’s still runnin’ with Stokes, but I’m hoping he has a better time this time around. What I really want to know is: What does it mean to be smokin’ the bottle?

*Side Note: Apparently Omarion has married a former stripper (according to the rumour mill) earlier this year. So congrats to him…


mary-j-bligeMary J. Blige feat. Drake – I’m the One

Lastly, I’m a bit late on this, but here is Mary J.blige’s newest single, I’m the One featuring Rapper-of-the-moment Drake. It appears to be a Darkchild production. The release of this track sparked some debate since it meant the Queen of Hip Hop Soul was now also using Autotune – the overused musical aid that Jay-Z had stated was dead in recent weeks. I admit, it took a while for this song to grow on me because I wasn’t ready to hear Mary doing Autotune, but I am actually feeling the song. It has an attitude and some urgency to the chaotic tone of the music along with Mary’s confident vocals. Also, Drake does not dissapoint with his hot 16 bars. Check it out!


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  1. Hey Choklit Factory, just stoppin by to show some luv! Mmmmm luv me some Trey Songz…..ummm did anybody hear the garbage song by Omarion feat Lil Wayne “Comfort”???? GARBAGE!!! O u fine but u gonna have to come better than that!

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