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This review may be a bit difficult since it will include me trying to convince my Readers why they need to check Pleasure P out. Now, ya girl is a bit biased. I am one of the few (Million perhaps? check the Soundscan) people who actually liked Pretty Ricky when they came out. Not the group as a whole, but I loved the lead singer’s voice. It soon became apparent that it was Pleasure P who was the most normal in the group; all other 3 members are brothers and the group is managed by their Joe-Jackson-style Father, Joseph “Blue” Smith. Soon Pleasure grew tired of the group and the Management’s antics and was encouraged to go Solo.

With his debut Solo project, Pleasure P wants to introduce you to Marcus Cooper: “The reason I named it that is because Pretty Ricky introduced you all to Pleasure P, but now Pleasure P is going to introduce you to Marcus Cooper, which is my government name.”

Pleasure, real name Marcus Cooper, began working very closely with new writers and producers, including Tank and the late Static Major, who he became very close with. You can hear the influence Static had on Pleasure’s singing style. There is something very old-school about Pleasure’s style – maybe that is what I enjoy about it. Sadly, after Static’s passing, Pleasure was very distraught about it, but he continued to work on finishing the project without his mentor and good friend. The finished product is actually a very welcome surprise.

Some Sweet tracks:

Pleasure P – Gotta Have You

Pleasure P feat. Yung Joc – I’m a Beast

Pleasure P – Tender Roni (Hand-cuffin’)

Pleasure offers up a very solid collection of baby-makin’ music, standard love songs and swagged-out uptempo tracks. Starting off the album Pleasure pairs with Young Joc for the fun record, I’m a Beast where P promises to “have your body like, whoa-ooooh-oh”. He later confesses to handcuffin’ a certain female on Tender Roni(Hand-cuffin’), because he wants to “make her my Only” rather than creepin’ around. Thankfully, Pleasure does not repeat the overly-raunchy stylings we have come to expect from Pretty Ricky. He instead opts to be sexy without being raunchy; a good example is the track Under (Butta of the Week) where Pleasure talks about “deep-sea diving in your treasure”, without sounding overly perverted while doing so. With Let Me, which sounds very similar to Usher’s Trading Places at first, Pleasure begs his woman to “let me turn you on…I promise not to disappoint, if you let me”. Another standout in the album happens to be the shortest song on the album. Gotta Have You has Pleasure sings to an ex-acquaintance who has moved on, telling her to “Come see about this Pleasure”. This song along with Boyfriend #2, his second released single, seems to paint Pleasure as the type of guy who likes what he cannot have. I suppose this is the new trend in R&B; to go after the already-involved female.

With only 12 songs on the album, there are enough songs to give you a good idea of what Pleasure P is about, without the album being too long. Aside from Birthday Suit getting a bit annoying with P’s Caribbean-style accent, the album is pretty enjoyable from beginning to end. Something Pleasure avoids is the overly cocky male bravado trend current R&B stars like Trey Songz appear to suffer from. Even in his music, you can hear that Pleasure is a humble guy who simply likes to creep around with your woman when you’re not around. Is that a crime? Pleasure’s voice is also questionable since it is not your typical R&B male voice. He sings with a nasal tone, sometimes he squeaks and sometimes his voice tends to crack. Still, in a funny way, I think it works for him in a way it couldn’t work for many other male artists! Again, I can hear the Static influence and I can appreciate it. Overall the album is very listenable, from beginning to end and it is a welcome surprise.

As usual, you can listen to the full album before you buy here: Pleasure P – Introduction of Marcus Cooper via Imeem!


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