Sweet Tooth: Twista – Wetter

So I am officially slow. List to this new track by Chicago rapper Twista featuring local songtress, Erika Shevon.

Twista feat. Erika Shevon – Wetter

Does it remind you of another song? A Janet song perhaps? I was murdering this song the other day on my laptop; had it on repeat, no shame in my game. Then my girl Cinnamon piped  up, “Yah thats that Janet sample”.

“What sample? A Janet song? Nah, u trippin'”

“NO! Its Janet! You don’t hear that? You say your an R&B fiend dont you? You don’t hear it?”

She then proceeded to Youtube to find the song. After a couple bad attempts (definitely not sampled from Again from the Poetic Justice soundtrack!), she found the song:

Now do you hear it? It took me a couple listens – hence my slowness. The similarities seemed very sutle at first…but then it became very obvious. Now that’s out of my system, I’m feelin’ this song! Twista used his token formula: catchy R&B-tinged hook + Twista’s faster-than-a-speeding-rapper rhymes + sexually explicit lyrics = a Twista-certified hit! I tend to get turned off by Twista’s extremely detailed lyrics of his sexual exploits; they are too graphic for my virgin ears and paint too graphic a picture! But I’m feeling this still. Maybe because we are all still lookin’ for our ‘Daddy’…or maybe not.

Enjoy the video below. If you are looking for the actual singer Erika, wait near the end when they show the Black girl with the shorter cut. Can’t let the video chicks get all the shine!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*Update: I originally posted the bootlegg YouTube version, but looks like Twista re-did the video with an Erick White treatment and it looks 10x better. Plus Ericka appears properly this time and looks great! A much improved video!

What did ya’ll think?

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