ChokLit Fresh: New Music from Lil Boosie & Jeezy, Cam’ron, DJ Drama

Boosie Bad-Azz

This is what I’m bumpin’ right now. Call me crazy, but I love myself some Lil Boosie! His voice and flow are on point, and I really cannot resist a Southern rapper with flow. Boosie had some success with songs like I Ain’t got Nuthin (with David banner), Zoom and I.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t, but most of those attempts did not garner him the recognition he deserves. This songs knocks though. And adding Jeezy to the track was the icing on the cake! Take a listen!

Lil Boosie feat. Young Jeezy – Better Believe Me



Cam’ron released his sixth studio album, Crime Pays on May 12th. It debuted at #3 on the billboard 200 and has gotten some solid reviews. I thought the album was pretty solid. Although I’m gonna say, some of the excessive misogyny in the lyrics irked me a couple times too many. Nonetheless, here is a standout track from the album, Cookies-N-Apple Juice. I liked this song the first time I heard it. It features Cam’s newest co-signee, Rapper Byrd Lady (hate that name). She is reminding me alot of incarcerated Rapper Remy Ma; her flow is real nice on this! There was a video for this song released to the Internet. Check it out here. Lots of…Ass. Anyways, peep the song!

Cam’ron – Cookies-N-Apple Juice feat. byrd Lady and Skitzo



Lastly, We Must be Heard is an ensemble cut from Dj Drama’s second studio compilation album, Gangsta Grillz: The Album Vol. 2. About the album, Drama comments,

“I don’t want to dramatize it too much — no pun intended, [But the album is] just bangers, something that can rock from beginning to end”

Gangsta Grillz was released May 19th. This track features Ludacris, Willie The Kid and Busta Rhymes bangin’ it out. I’m also feeling the production on this one, courtesy of V12 The Hitman. Take a listen below!

Dj Drama presents: Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Willie The Kid – We Must Be Heard


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  1. Boosie – “Boosie had some success with songs like I Ain’t got Nuthin‘ (with David banner), Zoom and I.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t, but most of those attempts did not garner him the recognition…” Please don’t sleep on “Ratchet” CF!! 🙂

    The clubs in New Orleans were killin’ this track even in ’06
    and Boosie went hard on the Ay Bay Bay remix I just think the uncanny resemblance he has to a young Flavor Flav makes him slightly less desirable to the mainstream media lol

    • Ok I’m feeling this one, never heard it b4. Now is the Ratchet a dance? I assume it is…So tru about the Flava Flav reference…but since when does a Rapper have to be attractive to be successful? I think some of the best rappers tend to be not the most…attractive. Weezy (used to think he was cute, but he be lookin’ more & more like a Goblin nowadays), Jay-z, Biggie etc. Its an exception for rappers like Nelly, T.I and Fab.

      • Yes, just youtube “ratchet dance” or some variation of that and you’ll se kids bustin’ it out on their driveways in long tees circa 2004 lol

  2. Cam is like my first cousin to me but I sink deep in to my chair everytime I see one of these aweful home videos. And he has one for every track on Crime Pays I think. UGH. I made better videos in Grade 7 French class when I filmed my very own Francophone Spiderman movie.

    I guess the recession reaches rappers too.

    • Haha no doubt! This video made me cringe as well…just not a good look. I don’t mind a booty videos, but I don’t like it when the chicks got bullet wounds and booty dimples either…yeesh!!
      And if Cam really was tryin’ to save some money in this recession, he could make maybe 3 videos for the whole album instead of one for every song…just a suggestion…

      • lol yes but all the videos look like he shot them on his celly and edited in imovie lol

  3. Love all the Drama mixtapes. He should just produce every artists album and record sales would go up. Love the tracks with the gun shot samples in the background and body dropping lol and probably the only DJ that can shout his name at anytime of the track and it won’t bother the listener or interfere with the feel of the song. Love it.

  4. I understand what Cam was doing with the album as far as gaining profit margin, he basicly cut the record as cheap as possible so he can flip a profit but i dont understand why the vids are so grimey?! At this point in time u cant tell me Cam cant afford a HD camera! Even Juelz latest videos are looking top notch! Not a good look for Cam! Not interested in the album.

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