Butta of the Week: Fabolous & some R&B Cats do it Loso’s Way

TheDream, Fabolous & Christina Milian on set of the video. Tank tops now, huh Dream?

TheDream, Fabolous & Christina Milian on set of the video. Tank tops now, huh Dream?

Fabolous aka LOSO has been making quite a few guest appearances lately, appearing with notable R&B artists like Brutha, Ryan Leslie and TheDream to add some Brooklyn flava to their songs. Now its Loso’s turn to eat.  His new ablum is titled, Loso’s Way. Here is the video for the lead single, Throw it in the Bag, featuring TheDream. The Erick White-directed video is bright and lively, and its fun for a hip hop track. I actually like the song. Fab is the perfect Ladies’ Rapper; he’s slick, handsome and has the rap skills to back it up. And TheDream is the new R.Kelly as far as hip hop collabs go. So this partnerships works really well. I believe the lead girl is Claudia Jordan, a model who last appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

*SideNote: I don’t quite understand the end of the video…is she under arrest or no? Or out on bail? Anyways, check it out!

Also, check out Fab’s promotional-style video (also Erick white-directed) for Its My Time feat. Jeremih. Near the end of the vid is a snippet of another song he has with Ryan Leslie. Fab is feeling these R&B dudes this time around, ain’t he? And so far, I’m feeling what I’m hearing so far. Look out for Loso’s Way which will probably be coming out later this Summer!

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  1. Does Fab sleep in a time machine? He looks exactly the same as he did in 2001. Damn. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything bad about him. He often has real clever punchlines too. Fav track by Fab is still “Baby” from like 2004. Ironically I think it was a EW video too lol

  2. Don’t think The-Dream linking with C.MIli is a good look for him. He looks desperate and slightly over-saturated like her hair (sorry CF I know Terius is your boy!). I just feel his talent is being overshadowed by his personal life right now. Look at Timbaland….you never heard or seen him in the news/blogs…he just let his music speak for him.

    And unless you can bench press your body weight you shouldn’t be wearing tank tops. Especially black ones. They fascinate me because no matter how cut you are or how tanned/pasty your skin tone is they wash all men out and make the subject (male) look frumpy. They neither highlight or anchor an outfit. I can’t even believe manufacturers make them. Ofcourse most males typically don’t dress well anyway…..

  3. ‘Baby’ is also my fave tracks/videos of Fab’s (What the HELL happened to Mike Shorey??). And yes, Fab doesn’t appear to age. Though I believe he just had his first child, so congrats to him!

    I think this project will be a good one for Fab. He is a pretty consistent artist.

    I agree with your comment on Dream. I am worried for him. He is a genius music-wise. He is a Beast with melodies, but this whole C.Milli thing is making him look a little wack. I think C.Milli’s a nice girl, but when her album flops, people will look to Dream like, what happened dude? I don’t know, I usually supports Dream’s efforts…we will see what happens with Christina’s project…fingers crossed!

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