Sweet Tooth – Melanie Fiona: Teach Him

I spotted this song over at Notes late at night when I should have been sleeping.  I was supposed to do a ‘New Artist’ post on Ms Fiona, but I instead seen a really good feature on her on WWW, and also, I hadn’t heard enough material from her that I liked I wanted to post (Can you FEEL my laziness oozing through the computer screen??).

Ms Fiona

Ms Fiona

Melanie is a Toronto Native and is of Guyanese heritage. Beautiful girl and has a great voice! Fiona is signed with Steve Riffkin’s SRC/Universal label and is doin’ her thing south of the (Canadian) border. You may remember her voice from this song which has been everywhere! Teach Him, found on the soundtrack for Obsessed, is the first song from Melanie I actually connected with. It is a very minimal song; just Melanie and a guitar for the most part. It showcases her voice, and reminds me of something Jazmine might do (a good thing , of course!). I hope Melanie is promoted well and has a successful debut. Although these days, the industry is rather dismal, Melanie appears to be a real artist, so she should be able to garner a decent following. Toronto folks are definitely making some waves in the Music scene nowadays, so that’s always good to see!

Check out the song tho Choklits, beautiful song!

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  1. She had a listening party a couple weeks ago..was supposed to go but didnt 😦
    I wish her much success..can’t peep the vid @ work but will when i get home!!!

    • The video is fantastic and looks very un-Canadian (i.e. low budget). The lighting really accents the production on the song too!

  2. It will be such a shame if this effort goes wasted. Such a talent and omg that hair!?! If I could just have one strand I would clone her for sure!! (was that creepy?)

    • LoL something tells me if you clone a strand of that hair, you will not get a Melanie Fiona out of it…Not that I condone such behavior…

  3. I love her! lol

  4. I adore her.


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