Melt in Your Ears: Video Premiere for Amerie’s Why R U?


Not to pull a Sandra Rose on everybody and call Homegirl out...this just cannot be ignored any longer! lol Now back to the MUSIC!

Not long after releasing her debut Single off of her first Def Jam album,  Amerie has released the Ray Kay-directed video. Why R U is given a rough, street and graffiti-inspired treatment to match the rawness of the beat (well, that’s my interpretation at least…). Amerie looks great rockin’ her liquid leggings (STILL in style :)), complicated layered dresses & vests, and of course, those legs! People are still complaining that this song isn’t catchy enough and now they are murmuring the video is too boring. The video is nice and has a good feel to it, not sure if its memorable though. The song has been getting some decent radio airplay though (could be because this is Def Jam doing the promo this time around for Amerie) so I’m hoping the Single fares better on the charts and with Digital Sales. My favourite part of the video was when Amerie did a couple of dance moves alongside her all-black clad B-Boy dancer. I wish they extended that scene. I think the tendency of this song to sound slow-moving and laid back song could have been challenged if there was more movement and dance in the video. My opinion only.  Amerie looks great, I wish her much success this time around…

What did ya’ll think? I know Mr. Knovember must have something to say since he knows a thang or too about visuals…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. OMG!!! A nose job? I had no idea..I’m not feeling any of her new tracks and I usually love her…production is tight but the songs lack personality…

    • A lot of people have been saying that…I like the song, but I wouldn’t bump it too often. But I think Amerie’s music is also full of feelings and emotions, so I’ll give her that.

      Yes the nose job. I came across this pic and it all made sense. She must have done it after the first album…

      • OMG you two are starting to make me feel self-conscious that I really REALLY love this song AND video! Is there something wrong with me?! The production sounds fresh to me even after stalker- status-amounts-of-listens and Amerie’s voice is refreshingly sexy without sounding dainty and/or timid.

  2. When I heard Ray Kay directed this I immediately thought a) Amerie must have signed to Slip-N-Slide records or b) the world was coming to an end.

    A Ray Kay video that is actually good? Thought the cinematography, particularly the quick edits, was suitable for the hardness of the beat. I enjoyed the wardrobe too especially the white dress with the hooker boots.

    Choklitfactory should do an entry titled “Liquid Leggings: Why every man should invest in American Apparel stocks”. Ever since I realized that Liquid Leggings make every woman look extra adorable I stopped walking by American Apparel in the malls out of fear that I have no self discipline and I may start humping the mannequins. Has anyone over the age of 13 ever used the word “humping” and “malls” in the same sentence? Well I just did and I’m officially about to light myself on fire. *looking for matches*

    • Mr. Knowvember: a MESS!
      Hahaha no, I think you may be alone on that humping + malls comment, R.Kelly! Moving on..

      What’s your deal with Ray Kay? I tend to enjoy his videos! I like ‘Soldier’ he did for DC. I think he tends to make fresh-looking vids, with the exception of Ne-Yo & Jadakiss video, or Rockin that Shyt or TheDream…

      I know I feel good about my $50 purchase (times 3 because I had to have the gold ones too, right?) of my AA leggings. Mind you, the ones Amerie is rocking are more likely the higher end Members Only versions that cost $150+. But I wear the hell out of my AA leggings, especially in the Fall/Winter season. No shame in my game!
      Thanks for commenting ya’ll!

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