Oldie Butta Goodie Bar: Thug&B Edition – Mobb Deep & 112


The year is 2001. The simultaneous height of Hip Hop and R&B. The genres are reaching Mainstream-like heights, and big money is being spent on big videos for artists like P.Diddy (then, still known as such), Usher, and Busta Rhymes. Bad Boy records was enjoying some dizzying success – they still housed some of the best producers in the game (Mario Winans, Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelettie  and Stevie J), and they are grooming artists like 112, Shyne, Loon & of course, P.Diddy.  This would be the year 112 would realease their best album (in my opinion) to date, Part III.  This near flawless album was introduced to the world with through this great song, It’s Over Now. Before free downloads really began to take over, I hadn’t had as much access to my music as I wanted, and I wanted this song SO badly.  Set to the infamous Mobb Deep instrumental for their hit song, Quiet Storm, Its Over Now is brooding, climatic and impossibly lovable.  Chris Robinson took the helms of this video, trying to duplicate the dramatic feel of the song with a visual. He does a decent job. the video is slick and tells a story. The members of 112 are clad in baggy, shiny pleather outfits and look like 4 versions of Diddy, poppin’ and lockin’ in front of the bright TV lights. Slim steals the show as usual with his raspy high-pitched vocals and his soulful expressions. Back then, I couldn’t get enough of this video! Check it out!

That same year, 112 returned the favor by appearing in Mobb Deep’s most commercial release to date, Hey Luv (Anything) from the album Infamy (great album!). There were some hardcore Mobb Deep fans that labeled the group sell-outs for releasing this song. Fans that preferred the more grimey, do-or-die style of their favourite group. What do I think? Sometimes, you have to rep for the ladies, because the ladies always show you love! This song is up there as one of the best thug-love songs in Rap. Little X does a great job with this video, showing the initial meeting, the chase and the catch of a thug doing his thizz-ang. I always find it funny to see these rappers tongue swap with these models. Prodigy is cute and all, but to watch him passionately kiss can be a little strange. Nonetheless, this song does it for me! And 112 delivers very, very well on the hook. A match made in Hip Hop heaven! Reminisce with me!

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  1. You don’t think their first album was the best?

    • Can’t say, I am a little biased because Part III, was the first album of theirs I bought on my own instead of jacking my brother’s CDs. And I was pleasantly surprised by it and still listen to it today. Their last two albums were a bit a a disappointment…

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