ChokLit Fresh – Angel Lola Luv in the Booth & speaks on Nikki Minaj


I spotted this video of Angel Lola Love aka Lola Monroe over at Sandra Rose and immediately thought, I have to see this! I hadn’t heard homegirl’s oral skills, pause, yet and I wanted to know if she had anything on ol’ girl Nikki Minaj. I have to say I was surprised. Angel does have a decent flow. I think she over-pronounciates her words alot for a ‘rapper’, but nothin’ wrong with speakin’ proper! I should know! Angel took on the classic Biggie song, What’s Beef and handled it well. Apparently, her new mixtape Boss Bitches will be availalbe on her Myspace as of June 14th. I take it she is NOT signed with G-Unit, as was rumoured?

Peep Lola Monroe’s Myspace.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I also found this video Angel did with Lip Service Radio on Shade45 about how Angel & Nikki Minaj are not ‘cool’ anymore. Angel doesn’t elaborate, so I assume it is typical Female rivalries. I’m sorry…I do NOT see Angel being a successful rapper, mostly because the Hip Hop industry is natrually very misogynistic and most females have a hard time getting ahead.  But I do commend Angel for keeping herself in the spotlight years after her humble Videogirl beginnings.

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  1. meh…hard to take her seriously tho she looked confident in the booth. So many female rappers sound the same. Very Foxy-esque at times. Part of being an artist in anything is having the scope to realize where you fit and what space to occupy. That can be an art form in itself. I just don’t see why lola thinks she is suited to be rapping over biggie beats and talking about bricks. Heck, she should just rap about fictional stories on video/photo shoots or something and I’d take her more serious. Stay in your lane and find your own niche.

  2. well, Im from DC and I know her background.. She came a long way and did really good for herself. I see her talking about hood shit because that’s where she is from. I also heard her on the ready or not beat and she did her thing on that. A lot of people have been starting to get use to her and like her music. She just might be up next. Oh, and she must have had some media training because if you go back to her earlier interviews can we say HOOD as hell! I like her and cant wait for the mixtape.

    • Thanks for the comments you two. I’m on the fence. I don’t know how ‘hood’ Angel is and can’t speak for her street cred but I guess Reviera can. I’m still feeling Nikki better as an artist, but Angel should do her thing. We’ll update when the Mixtape comes out.

  3. Aaaagggghhh I missed this post!! O well I’m still gonna comment. I’m actually a fan of Angel’s (or I guess it’s Lola Monroe now). I think she did her thing on the What’s Beef beat and the Ready or Not one. She def has the swag to pull it off, and she seems to be getting better from when she first came out with some material. I’ve seen interviews of her where she claims that everything she’s speaks about is real “Ain’t Shit fabricated,” so I say do ya thang Angel!

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