Before They Blow-PoP!: Introducing TRISH Pt. II

I had the pleasure of interviewing Trish the other day and it went very well! She is sweet, ambitious, cute and alot of fun! Trish has a warm spirit and it illuminates onstage when she preforms. Read the interview to know more about Trish, then go back to Part I if you missed it, to hear more about her music!

And Don’t forget to show some love to Trish’s Myspace!


Some Choklit Tidbits:

Age: early 20s

Horoscope Sign: Aquarius

Ethnicity/Background: Guyanese & Jamaican

Label: Currently signed to Life-Line Group, shopping to Labels.

#1 Music Industry Peeve: Image over talent; putting an Age on music & the artists

Who’s Dat Gurl??

ChokLit Factory: Trish we want to get it out in the open: How would you describe your Sound & your Music?

Trish: It consists of many elements: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B Funk, Rock & Roll. As long as the beat is hot, really, and I can rock with it – that’s something I want to deliver to people, y’know?  I just want people to have fun.

CF: So you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself?

Trish: No, I want to be able to expand, to try different things. If I am able to come out and present myself in a way to the public on the one form, that’s fantastic, especially if they accept me.

CF: You grew up here in Toronto (please correct me if I am wrong!), how would you describe your experience growing up in this city?

T: Yes I grew up in Toronto. [The experience] was cool. We lived in various areas of the city. You know, Toronto is a multicultural city and I’ve been fortunate to taste the different flavours of Toronto. For instance, the past 15 years I’ve been living in this community where I’ve been subjected to rap music & Reggaeton, and prior to that I was living in a community where it was Indian music. And now, when I go visit my family, our Culture’s there; there is Reggae music happening. So, I mean, growing up in Toronto has really shaped me as an artist, as a human being, really.

CF: Your mentor is Luther Brown, a very well-known choreographer. How important is Dance to your music and performances?

T: Right now, Dance is a huge part of my shows and everyday life, because music just takes control and makes your body move, y’know? But I’m lucky to have Luther in my life because he challenges me as an Artist to become a better Entertainer overall. And the music that we choose to record, and that I end up performing, they are dance-driven, so it’s important that I have fun onstage and arouse people in the audience to share that with me y’know? Hopefully I get a head bob or a shoulder shrug, y’know? (laughs)

CF: Your video for Don’t Watch Me is directed by famed video Director Little X. How was the experience working with him?

T: Umm it was Amazing! Amazing! I mean, I dreamt about working with him, but when it actually came to reality, it was like, Ahhhhh! I mean, being on set with him, when he said, Action! That was the first time I was realized, I was shooting the video. We had been in that apartment for at least 2 hours, setting up for the first shot and as soon as he said Action, it dawned on me: MY video! I mean having it shot by Little X is HUGE! For me y’know, being the first video. But check it out, on But have you seen it?

CF: Yes, I’ve seen it a couple times, I really like it, you did a good job!

T: Thank you. I had a lot of fun, it was hot, it was a long day, but it was well worth it man, it was Amazing!

CF: You grew up in a musical family. Who are some of your musical influences?

T: My father would be one; my sister would be the other. My dad is a guitarist so he’s produced and he’s worked with quite a bit of Canadian artists, artists from Jamaican, artists in England. And my sister, she used to sing, but she backed up artists, here in Toronto when I was younger. So she was the one who actually made me want to pursue a singing career, and then my friends encouraged me. And then it went from there.


CF: Who are 3 of your favourite artists out, past and present that have shaped you or inspired you in some way?

T: Definitely Aaliyah, style wise. Betty Davis too, because of the funk movement.  And I was gonna say Ginuwine. (laughs) Because you asked! I Love Ginuwine, I love what he’s coming with. That whole camp! Missy, Timbaland. Because I grew up listening to all types of genres, the main genre that actually had me like Whoa, I can do this, I actually want to do this, is R&B. Because I grew up listening to what other people were listening to. I couldn’t really turn on the radio and listen to the music I liked. So these artists were the ones who actually made me want to be a part of R&B. The hip hop realm made me want to start writing and being more creative.

CF: Style is very, very important in promoting an artist in today’s music. Your style is definitely unique. How would you describe it and how much of a role do you play in determining your Look?

T: If I have to wear something and I don’t like it, I’m not going to wear it (laughs).  I do have input, I have my team that will suggest things to me and really for me, I have to be comfortable. If I’m not comfortable, then I’m not doing it, period. But I go with how I feel. I definitely love fashion, the whole industry. But I’m not picky at the same time; I don’t have to be in the latest fashions. I can do the jeans & t-shirt and rock it out! I can do the stilettos and a gorgeous dress. I could do the track pants and track jacket. It’s really that I go with how I feel. I do have some say in what I wear. (laughs)

CF: What would you say right now is an item of clothing or jewellery you are really into right now and can’t go without?

T: Bustiers! Corsets & Bustiers. I love my [t-shirts] and everything…and I’m not a gothic but I love that Betty Page look and feel. I actually have a friend who is going to be designing some bustiers & corsets for some future [performances] and I can definitely say that once I get my first piece, I will not be without! But I do love hats, I love gloves, cut-off gloves and Jackets are must-haves for me…

CF: What can we expect from your forthcoming debut album? When can we expect it?

T: We’re working on the album right now. And it’s a very exciting time b/c I really don’t know what’s happening (laughs). But all I can say is its going to be really interesting; we plan on making some noise. You’ll expect the unexpected. I’m really interested to know what will make the album because we’ve recorded quite a lot of material and it’s really [all about] choosing the story; the plot that will make sense.

Trish’s Manager Wayne Samuels: We’re recorded so many songs over the past two years and it’s just about getting the songs that are going to help tell her story. She is an individual and that is the message we are trying to put forth in her music. It will be a daunting task when we have to cut down our mega-library to decide the 12 or 13 songs for the album. But it is going to be a real treat.

CF: I think your music is very distinctive and is not pigeon-holed as Canadian music. How do you determine what producers you work with and what sound you look for?

T: We’re always looking to push the envelope. The producers we have worked with, they are from Toronto and as long as we understand what sound we are tryin’ to push, [it tends to work]. Because there are a lot of talented producers in Toronto.

Wayne: We are tryin’ to look for stuff that is outside the box. Just not your typical hip hop, R&B, pop.

T: We want to make some good Canadian music; make a mark just as much as any artist in the City. If there is a producer out there who wants to join and is down for the cause, then we are willing to do it.

Wayne: Actually all the songs we have recorded have been with Canadian producers.

CF: What 3 Producers/Songwriters would you love to work with?

T: Uh-huh Missy (laughs).  I’d love to work with Alanis Morisette. I’d love to work with Julie Black.

CF: I think you could make some crazy stuff with Missy.

T: Oh! (laughs) that would be off the charts!! One of the very first performances I did, it was in junior high, it was the 702’s Steelo and I was Missy Elliot.

CF: Where do you see yourself as an Artist in the next 5 years?

T: I’m hoping I have at least to have 2 albums out. Definitely a worldwide tour. I plan on still putting out good music at that time.

CF: Do you have any other aspirations such as acting or modelling?

T: I would model if someone asked me, but it wouldn’t be the main [focus]. Acting, I would definitely take that into consideration but As long as I’ve made a mark for myself with my music first.

CF: Thanks so much Trish. I just have a few more quick questions on your Preferences so we know what tip Trish is on!

You Can Have Whatever You Like…

Preference: Vanilla or Dark Chocolate?

Dark Chocolate (laughs)

Preference: John Mayer or Jon Legend?

This is so hard because I love them both for different reasons!

Preference: Lady Gaga or Rihanna?

It’s the same with these ladies; it’s really hard for me to decide!

Preference: 50 cent or Kanye West?

I like Kanye West, I would choose Kanye West b/c if he wants to, he can get grimey too. But he is rapping about what the [regular mainstream] is about. There is more to him, y’know, he’s a producer too! So I’d choose Kanye over 50.

Hair color: Red or Blonde?

I love both! But I would go with the Red. I really like how the Red looks. I was Blonde for a couple years before I decided to go Red.

Phones: iPhone or Blackberry?

Blackberry. But mine acts up on me so I might have to exchange it!

Music Downloading: Limewire or iTunes?

I don’t download!! I actually do not download. But I do listen to my music when I upload them on iTunes. I buy CDs! I rock them like they’re going out of style! I also used to tape radio shows.

Thanks so much for your time Trish! We look forward to hearing & seeing more of you! God Bless!

© Copyright The ChokLit Factory 2009

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  1. Great interview! Love that she is from Canada and can we stop and analyze how gorgeous Trish is?!?! She has perfect symmetry and that red hair is so sexy on her! yum yum 🙂

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