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What a perfect formula: Dream songwriter Terius Nash writing lyrics, producers Tricky Stewart & L.O.S managing the boards, Urban powerhouse Def Jam backing the project, and 4 beautiful, fun video-girls turnt sangas along for the ride. Sounds like a Platinum album made in Heaven, right?

I may be one of few (or many) people who were not feeling Drink in My Cup or W.f.y (We F*ck You), the singles first circulating around the ‘Nets when Electrik Red first appeared on the scene. Def Jam head L.A Reid was touting their album as the Female version of (Dream’s first album) Love/Hate. Blasphemy, I proclaimed! I pretty much refused to acknowledge the girls until they released a little song, So Good, which was a perfect mix of sweetness and sass, vulnerability and street smarts; the making of a Lady in today’s day & age. So now, Electrik Red had my attention. After throwing Lil Wayne on the remix to So Good, they had the attention of the 106 & Park crowd as well.

So now, faced with listening to the entire CD, I had my reservations, but still left an open mind to enjoy the music. I cannot say the ladies disappoint. Still, I must issue a minor disclaimer: You need to listen to this CD a good couple times to fully appreciate it. After a day of repetitive listens, I am proud to say I am ready to dish out my hard-earned cash for this album.

The good news about How To Be A Lady is neither the singing, harmonizing or incredible vocals. But this is a Dream-helmed project, so we did not particularly expect these things. Expect alot of soft-spoken singing, high-pitched, Prince-like vocals, spoken raps and half-assed background vocals. BUT also expect female-headed grand braggadocio, straight sh*t-talking, fun vocals and solid (if not repetitive) production.

At first listen, On Point sounds like the Dream is singing/rapping the song, but its actually raspy-voiced group member Binky (she has an interesting voice on her) who is spitting some smile-inducing lyrics.

You gets nothin’
Unless that n**ga’s on point(on point)
In the bed, better know what ya doin’
Let the washer and the dryer keep the coins
I need dollas
And thats trill

TheDream has an uncanny ability – much like R.Kelly, to write for women, even though his lyrics tend to be overly crass at times.  Overall, the album is nowhere close to Love/Hate or Love vs. Moneyfor that matter. And despite Mr. Nash’s songwriting talents, the album does sound at times like it was written by a man. An ATLien man. Case in point: the song, On Point again:

Listen lil boooy
Dont try to show-out
When ya lil boys come to da house
Or ill walk around this bitch in my Louis Vitton heels and my ass hangin’ out

Funny stuff! Some standouts include 9 to 5, where L.O.S crafts a beautifullyretro 80s feel  with lone piano keys and Naomi’s sexy pitchy vocals; Devotion, which is a sexy, Madonna-esque(circa Bedtime Stories album) ode to a Lover who deserves your true devotion. Also So Good, which I mentioned before is a standout track for the album. Some just-for-fun tracks include P is for Power(U ain’t gettin’ no P!!), Freaky Freaky, On Point (a silly ladies anthem of sorts), and Friend Lover.

A couple songs that could have been left the hell off the album: Kill Bill and W.f.y.

Tough Gyals

Tough Gyals

The strength in this Group lies in the unique, lovable personalities of the 4 girls. They are a lot of fun and you can tell they had fun recording the album. I just hope they are able to hang in there for a sophomore CD and we are able to learn a bit more about the music THEY can make.

LISTEN to the whole CD before you decide to buy! Another ChokLit Exclusive courtesy of!

Electrik Red – How To be a Lady Volume 1

After a couple of listens…let me know what ya’ll think!

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