Chew on This: D’angelo’s Send it On & One Mo’ Gin

I decided to post a pic with D wearin' a shirt...

I decided to post a pic with D wearin' a shirt...

Hey all, I must have been doin’ something good, because we are gettin’ alot of new visitors to the site. Don’t be shy to leave a comment, everyone! I usually try to respond or comment to all comments made. 🙂

So, its Sunday evening, actually early Monday morning, and its  been a good weekend. But sometimes when you’re have a decent time and things seem to be going well, negative thoughts tend to enter one’s mind or you tend to dwell on negative events that have affected you in some way. Why the mind decides to do these things, I’ll never know. Perhaps that is why I had latched on to music so tightly. A really good, heartfelt song can ALWAYS bring me out of a funk – guaranteed. F*ck all the industry nonsense, PR hype, Industry gossip and Nude pic leaks aside(I am looking at YOU, ladies), the music is what we came here for, and is what we all want at the end of the day – I hope.

These songs, and many others from D’angelo’s incredible second studio album, Voodoo help me to get into a perspective (sometimes frisky) and artful mood. His music can be so abstract sometimes, if disables your over-thinking patterns – the number one problem for music lovers like myself!! Send it On, is very smooth and relaxing, but it has its climaxes as well. I love the backup singing that is done on this track:

Sometimes we don’t know what else to say, Mmmmm  Mmmmm” – i love it!

While One Mo’ Gin is one of those songs that make you think about an Ex or similar situation with someone you haven’t seen in a while, and probably will not see again. It is very quietly beautiful; beginning with some brooding music before D’angelo lends his scratchy baritone.

G*ddamn my workplace for disabling my computer for sound – how DID they know?? Oh well, hope you guys enjoy!

*Side Note: D’angelo, baby, whenever you are ready…come on back. Whenever. Anytime now…put the subastances away…Come back. Thanks.

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