Milk Dudd: Brooke Vs Rihanna Doublemint twins?

Now I am a fan of Rihanna’s style and her hot haircut. I think many of us are. In fact, many of you may have rushed to the salon to request the Rihanna – you know you have. So it is no surprise when we see Black women (and other women) sporting the short, cropped look. We’ve seen this look with Brooke Crittendon of Harlem Heights fame as well. Brooke took it further with the goth-inspired look that Rihanna also sported throughout 2008. But no biggie, we are all a little guilty. And Rihanna did not ‘invent’ the look.

Rihanna rocks the short look

Rihanna rocks the short look...

Brooke rocks the short hair

Brooke rocks the short hair

Cute look on both ladies. But now, after Rihanna’s recent boy trouble, she has again switched up her style and decided to rock a new hairdo. I was a bit on the fence about this look at first, but it started to grow on me. Rihanna definitely wears it well. So why do I now see this pic of Brooke rocking a very similar (but horrible looking) style at a recent event? This one is too close to call, it looks like a really poorly done replica. I seen a random chick this past weekend, here in Toronto wearing the curly Rihanna style ALOT better. Brooke needs to step it up. Fresh over at C&D calls Brooke the “Dollar Tree version of Rihanna” Ouch. Just  ouch. What’s ya’ll think? A coincidence or straight swagga-jackin’?

Rihanna goes curly..

Rihanna goes curly..

Brooke goes curly...

Brooke goes curly

Photo sources: Getty images, Crunk&Disorderly, Google

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  1. Hey there! I like Brooke’s hair in the front picture posted but it looks kinda . . . I don’t know, greasy and weighed down in the second? But shoot, so is Rihanna’s a little lol. I guess another difference is the color. Whatcha think?

    • Well, hey Fresh, thanks for dropping by! I def think Brooke should have stayed with the short look. This savings-bin wet & wavy look isnt’ cuttin’ it for me!

  2. It’s a hybrid haircut. A straight coinfluence. I just made that up.

  3. Funny a lot of ppl have been saying that Brooke looks like Keri Hilson…

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