Music News ROLO: Soulja Boy with the #1 song in NYC, huh?

Still taking those camera phone pics...

Still taking those camera phone pics...

I read this over at Sandra Rose’s spot and I had to post Greg Street’s comment. Basically, legendary radio DJ Greg Street is explaining the phenomenom that is Soulja Boy’s hit song , Turn my Swag on, that was released 10 Months (!) ago, and is now one of the hottest songs in rap. I’ll admit, I even pegged Soulja Boy as a one-hit wonder, after his Monster success with 2007’s Crank Dat. But he and Collipark have still managed to make an impact in Rap music. Then came a little song called, Turn my Swag On.

Soulja Boy’s second single, Kiss me Through the Phone featured young crooner Sammie and did very well for them, peaking at number 3 on the Billboard 100. The song was also a hit on 106 & Park and MTV, and sold millions of Ringtones, naturally. Of his new foray into R&B-Rap, Soulja Boy commented:

“My fans let me know, enough with that dancing songs for now…Now it’s time to do great music like Kiss Me Through the Phone…It’s a real record, no gimmick. It’s a catchy record ,’cause that’s what my fans want.” Source

Turn My Swag On has hit #7 on the Billboard Rap Tracks chart, but is an even bigger hit amoung the Hip Hop world. I’m not a fan of Soulja Boy himself, but I will give credit where credit is due – the song is straight fiyah in the clubs! His vocals sound slurred and a bit incoherent but the chorus drives the song, along with the pounding Soulja Boy-produced beat.  There has been a remix floating around with Rap’s heaviest hitters including Jim Jones, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Maino & Jadakiss…but we here at the ChokLit Factory prefer the Keri Hilson remix instead! Listen here if you missed this one!

So how did Soulja Boy do it, and why isn’t he selling Platinum records? Greg Street’s words:

DJ Greg Street

DJ Greg Street

“Soulja Boy made a crazy record. He not even rappin’ on the song. The label fucked up because he made that song about 10 months ago — way before “Birdwalk”. How the fuck these labels keep signing artists that’s already hot & then try to convert the formula [the artist] created?  If you don’t sign a artist & develop the artist [or] if the artist comes with the master plan: let the artist, sub label, production company or whoever do what the fuck they do. I showed Outkast how to sell 15 million without doing one show or tour with the double solo cd. If they hadn’t put those albums together like I told ‘em to, they would’ve gone through what they’re going through right now. Back to Soulja Boy, it is what it is. The kids love him & a lot of you 21 & up people were Superman’n last year. 4 months ago everybody said he was a one hit wonder. Now he got 2 songs in the Top 10 from an album that only soild 46,000 1st week.

The label shouldve known these records were hot. They spent all the money on Keyshia Cole & hardly none on Soulja Boy. Now look at that picture. Keyshia is hot — don’t get me wrong — but Soulja Boy has 2 songs in Top 10 Urban & 2 on the Rhythmic charts as well. These labels are listening & puttin’ their trust & money in the wrong people. You can say what you want about Soulja Boy & some of these artists the industry & critics talk down on. Just remember & know the difference between art & science. Like what you like & appreciate it, but you don’t have to hate on the next person for their talent. Bill Gates went with software when everybody else went with hardware. The major labels let Apple set up iTunes & become the biggest distributor of music. Why didn’t the labels build their own music download sites? Talk shit about that! Not a fuckin’ 17-year-old kid who created a 7-million people fan base from his bedroom in Batesfield, MS.

And there you have it! Thoughts?


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